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Working together to develop 21st century learners in a stimulating and collaborative learning community.

Tū mai Te Ahūmairangi, tū mai hoki tātou

As Te Ahūmairangi stands, we also reach for great heights




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Our Web Team

Our student Web Team reports on news and events from around the school involving our students.  The Years 3 to 8 students write their own reports and take their own photographs. 

Read their work in Our Students.

Board News

Board members welcome questions or comments from the school community, and can be contacted at home. Their personal contact details are available from the school office or you can contact them by email as listed in the Our People/Board of Trustees tab.

2016 Community Survey
2017 Annual Report
2017 Nat Stds Results
2018 PAT Results
2019 Charter and Annual Plan

Home and School News

The Home and School Committee sells Hell Pizzas for $6.00 for lunch on the first Thursday of the month.  The next Pizza Thursday is on 4 April.
Community Emergency Response Plan

Click here to access the Northland Community's emergency response plan developed with assistance from the Wellington Emergency Management Office.

Latest News

Supporting Children 

The following links provide resource material for families after the tragedy in Christchurch.

Resources to help with mental distress after Christchurch incident — Ministry of Health website

How to talk to your kids about: Trauma - The Parenting Place website

Helping children deal with trauma – Ministry of Health website

Talking to children about terrorism and trauma — Children’s Commissioner NZ Facebook page

Phone Counselling Service for those affected by Christchurch Incident — Ministry of Health website - Upsetting content

Team 1 Trip to Capital E

The Team 1 trip on Wednesday will proceed as planned.

Board of Trustees Meeting

The next Board of Trustees meeting is on Tuesday 19 March.  Meetings are held in the staffroom commencing at 7.00pm and are open to parents and caregivers.

Measles Information

Regional Public Health has issued information about measles and immunisation in relation to the recent outbreak in Christchurch.  Click here to download

Forms to Download

Sushi Lunch Information
Pizza Order Form
Whooping Cough Information
Parent Interview Questionnaire
Disco Permission Form

Quality of the Week

Respect / Whakaute

Respect is an attitude of caring about people and treating them with dignity.  Respect is valuing ourselves and others.  We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy.  When we are respectful we treat others as we want to be treated.  Respect includes honouring the rules of our family or school, which make life more orderly and peaceful.  It is knowing that every man, woman and child deserves respect, including you.
Read more about our Qualities Programme.

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