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Community Information Meeting - 29 May 2019

A community information meeting was held on Wednesday 29 May. Download the presentation here.  Hawkins construction presented its plan for the removal of cladding containing low risk asbestos.  A copy of the Hawkins presentation is available here.

Community Information Update 1 May 2019

A community information meeting will be held on Wednesday 29 May at 5.30pm.  The meeting will be held in the old school library space.  Project Managers, architects and representatives from Hawkins Construction will be sharing information about the project, access to the driveway by Harbour View Road and plans for removing low risk asbestos.  Download the information sheet here.

Building Update 5 - 27 June 2018

The building project has now moved into the detailed design stage.  The school's architects, McKenzie Higham, has provided these drawings showing some of the external views of the building including the building superimposed onto Google Street View looking from the corner of Harbour View and Northland Roads.

Building Update 4 - 29 March 2018

Following the approval by the Ministry of Education of additional funding for the building project in December 2017 work recommenced on the design process in February 2018.  The project has moved into the developed design stage and it is expected to move into detailed design work in June 2018 following a Ministry of Education review of the developed design in late May.  It is expected that the project will go out to tender later in the year with tenders let in March 2019 with construction planned to start in April/May.

It is envisaged that the project will be constructed in two stages.  The first stage includes three learning studios (the equivalent of 10 classroom spaces) and a new library.  Once this is completed the current two storey teaching block and library will be demolished and a new hall will be built.  This will then allow for the development of a new playground space. It is expected that the entire project will take two years.

Building Update 3 - 28 June 2017

The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Education’s Design and Review Panel has given approval to proceed to the design stage with our major building project.  This will see a new 10 classroom block, library and hall area constructed.  The timeframe for this project is still being redeveloped but it is likely that construction will commence in the second half of 2018.

The building will be situated in the top playground from near the sandpit along the boundary to the pedestrian gate off Harbour View Road.  Most of the existing two storey building will continue to be used until the new structure is complete and then it will be demolished.  This will then free up a large amount of space for our new playground development.

The original proposal for the new building was for it to be located along the fenceline adjacent to Northland Road in the lower playground but geotech investigations found the ground was unsuitable for a building of this size.

There is a great deal of work to be completed over the next year and the Board is committed to keeping our parent community fully informed as decisions are made.  We have arranged a community meeting with our architects to be held next Wednesday 5 July at 7.30pm in our library.  This will be an opportunity to view some initial high level concepts and the project’s master plan.  We intend to hold additional community meetings as the project progresses through the design stage and as we make decisions about school operations and health and safety.

It is good news to know that finally we now have certainty with this project and that we can now work alongside our architects, project managers, staff and community to develop new teaching and learning spaces for current and future learners at Northland School.

Building Update 2 - March 2017

Northland School Board and staff representatives meet weekly with our architects (Mckenzie Higham) and our Ministry of Education project manager to develop a master plan for our new building. This master plan will be presented to a Ministry of Education design and review panel in late April. The approval by the Ministry’s design and review panel is a significant milestone for the project as it will then allow the project to move into further design development.

The master plan is a refresh of one developed several years ago and has the new building located at the northern part of the school grounds. It would start near the pedestrian gate on Harbour View Road and extend along the fence line to the edge of the main court area.

It is a large building as it contains the equivalent of 10 classroom spaces, a library (the same size as our current library) and a multi purpose space that is twice the size of the Viggers Centre. It is a stepped two storey building rising in one part to three storeys.

The location of the building allows us to continue to use the current two-storey building while construction is underway. The old building will subsequently be demolished. This space will then become our focal point for our playground development.

Building Update 1 - February 2017

At the end of 2016 the Minister of Education announced $8 million of funding to replace our two storey building. This will also provide additional classroom space to meet recent roll growth.

Things are moving fast with this project and we are pleased to announce that Mckenzie Higham has been appointed as architects for this project.  This appointment was made by two members of our Board of Trustees (Andrew McGrath and Jeremy Edwards) and two representatives from the Ministry of Education.  Mckenzie Higham are Wellington based and were architects for Amesbury School in Churton Park.  They are currently working with Thorndon School and Khandallah School on their major building projects.

This week the architects have met with Jeremy and the Ministry’s project manager to plan the consultation process and review a master plan developed for this project in 2015.  As part of the master plan refresh feedback ideas will be sought from our parent community, staff and our students. The architects, school representatives and project manager will now be meeting weekly to advance the project.

On Thursday this week four of our teachers will be visiting three recently built schools in Christchurch, including one that is on a very tight site, to see modern school design at work.  Ideas from these visits will help inform the refresh of both master plan and subsequent design work.

We will keep our community informed as to when consultation meetings will be held with the architects.  We will also use our school newsletter to keep you up to date with other developments.

December 2016 Update The Minister of Education has announced an $8 million project to rebuild the two storey block at Northland School.

Download the letter to the community from the Board of Trustees announcing the project.

The rebuild is a Ministry of Education initiated project that aims to resolve longstanding weather tightness issues dating from its original design and construction in the early 1970s and amplified with the addition of three classrooms in 1998 and 1999. As well the new building will provide additional teaching spaces to meet the needs of an increased student roll.

All new Ministry of Education school buildings follow the concept of Modern Learning Environments.  Please see the accompanying articles that outline this concept:

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