Nau mai, Haere mai

Welcome to Northland School

Working together to develop 21st century learners in a stimulating and collaborative learning community.

Tū mai Te Ahūmairangi, tū mai hoki tātou

As Te Ahūmairangi stands, we also reach for great heights




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Our Web Team

Our student Web Team reports on news and events from around the school involving our students.  The Years 3 to 8 students write their own reports and take their own photographs. 

Read their work in Our Students.

Student Art Gallery

Visit our Student Art Gallery to see some art produced by children from teams around the school...


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Board News

Board members welcome questions or comments from the school community, and can be contacted at home. Their personal contact details are available from the school office or you can contact them by email as listed in the Our People/Board of Trustees tab.

2016 Community Survey
2016 Annual Report
Northland School Charter 2017
2016 Nat Stds Results
2017 PAT Results

Home and School News

The Home and School Committee is selling Hell Pizzas for $5.50 for lunch on Thursday 2 November. Orders need to be with the school office by 3pm on Wednesday 1 November.

Community Emergency Response Plan

Click here to access the Northland Community's emergency response plan developed with assistance from the Wellington Emergency Management Office.

Latest News

Student Council Fun Day

All students will be involved in a Fun Day at Northland Park on Thursday 30 November.  Each class will be at the park for an hour of activities organised by student councillors to thank our students for their support over the year.

Forms to Download

Sushi Lunch Information
Pizza Order Form
Ice Cream Day Order Form


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Quality of the Week

Tact / Maioha

Tact is telling the truth kindly, with consideration for how your words will affect others.  It is knowing what to say and what is better left unsaid.  Tact is thinking before you speak.  When you are tactful, you don’t tease or point out people’s differences to embarrass them.  You are as careful about others’ feelings as you would like them to be of yours.. 

Read more about our Qualities Programme.

Ngā Rerenga Kōrero o te Wiki

Kei te whiti te rā?
Is the sun shining?

Kei te whiti te rā.
The sun is shining.
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