Our People

You can contact us by emailing office@northland.school.nz or telephoning   04 4757596   or by writing to Northland School, 14 Harbour View Road, Northland, Wellington 6012. 

Our Staff

Jeremy Edwards jedwards@northland.school.nz
Associate Principal    
Jane Batchelor   janeb@northland.school.nz
Associate Principal / SENCO  
Hannah Fairbairn   hannahf@northland.school.nz
Team 1 – Years 1 and 2    
Fiona Groube
Room 1 fionag@northland.school.nz
Gina Hinds            
Room 2 ginah@northland.school.nz
Hannah Fairbairn  Room 3  hannahf@northland.school.nz
Alice Trail Room 4 alicet@northland.school.nz
Lisa Stratford Room 5 lisas@northland.school.nz
Marie Boyer-Blaikie
Liz Synge
Room 15 mariebb@northland.school.nz
Team 2 – Years 3 and 4

Nathalie Lecaudé Room 6 nathaliel@northland.school.nz
Angela Scholten Room 7 angelas@northland.school.nz
Gill Sim Room 8 gills@northland.school.nz
Team 3 – Years 5 and 6
Lizzie Ryan
Room 9 lizzier@northland.school.nz
Juliet McPhee Room 10 julietm@northland.school.nz
Emma McElrea Room 11 emmam@northland.school.nz
Team 4 – Years 7 and 8
Alex Oliver Room 12 alexo@northland.school.nz 
Katie McGrath Room 13  katiem@northland.school.nz
Fiona Valentine Room 14 fionav@northland.school.nz
Reading Recovery    
Karen Sturgeon   karens@northland.school.nz
Part Time Teachers
Eleanor Ainsworth
Eileen Brennan    
Ann Marshall     
Support Staff
Julia Truesdale Office Manager office@northland.school.nz
Ann Dalton Office Administrator ann@northland.school.nz
Rachelle Samaniego Librarian rachelles@northland.school.nz
Erwin Palado Lexia Programme erwinp@northland.school.nz
Tony Dawbin Caretaker  
Rebecca Amos Before School Care  
Jo Michie Teacher Aide
Leanne McCarty Teacher Aide
Kate Roberts Teacher Aide  
Alexis Young Teacher Aide  
Hemi Prime Kapa Haka Tutor  
Alicia Cadwgan Music Teacher alicia.cadwgan@gmail.com

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