Home & School Committee

Parents can get involved in their child’s education in many ways, including through the Home and School Committee. It is a great way to support your child’s achievement and well-being by helping to create further social learning opportunities and facilities within Northland School.

What does it do?

In the past the Home and School Committee has provided social events to raise funds for the top turf used by Year 1 & 2 students, the stage in the Viggers Centre and much more. Events have included discos, food stalls, family races.

At Northland School the Committee has two focuses that work hand-in-hand; fundraise for extra school requirements and create events to bring students and their whanua/families together to strengthen our school community.

How much time?

This is your choice. The opportunities are endless and the Committee has found that we can make most ideas work if there is enough people willing to lend a hand. Here is an example a regular event and how much time people were required;

Example: School Disco
Thanks to previous committee members we have a comprehensive checklist to ensure all the elements are pulled together. The table below shows a basic allocation of time for people who are willing to help. The set up is approx. 7.25 hours and many of us are at the disco with our children anyway so serving doesn’t feel like a big ask. We run 3 discos per year.

   Activity   Time Taken
 A  Committee meeting decides date         Meetings are generally 1 hour
 B  DJ booked  5 minutes
 C  Food ordered, float arranged  10 minutes
 D  Ask for helpers, talk with them  10 minutes
 E  Food picked up or delivered  2 people x 1 hour each
 F  Set up at 3pm   4 people x 1 hour each
 G  Sell food and drinks at disco  20 people x 2 hours each

…if 10% of our whanau helped with the discos, we would each do less than 30 minutes each per year.

Committee vs Helpers

The committee meets every 4-6 weeks for a one hour meeting to discuss upcoming events and fundraisers. It is a friendly meeting where people’s ideas are supported and we try to fit them into the year. The Principal and a Board Member attends to ensure all plans fit with the operating of the school and other calendars.

We also have a number of ‘helpers’ whom we call on when needed e.g., food service at the disco. These helpers let us know they can be asked and we send an email out when we need their time. It means you can be part of the action without having to attend meetings.

We also encourage you to bring your ideas to us and we can support you to make it happen.


If you would like more information or be involved please contact us at northlandschoolevents@gmail.com

Current Fundraising

All efforts are going towards the schools new playground. This is a great time to get involved because you will see a fantastic result from your involvement. 

Let's make the most amazing play area for our kids. 

Now is the time to get involved to make this happen!

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