Welcome to Northland School

Northland School is a full primary school, incorporating Years One to Eight. We are situated on Te Ahumairangi Hill (Tinakori Hill) overlooking Wellington City and its harbour. Our end-of-year roll is about 315 - 325, and most students are here for all of their primary education before moving on to secondary school.

Our programmes prioritise literacy and numeracy, especially in the first four years of schooling. In later years, we build on these fundamentals with many different programmes including information literacy and literature circles.

Our community of learners include children, parents and teachers and we work together to provide a supportive, stimulating learning environment.  Read more in Our Students to discover the many different programmes and activities offered.

This is a caring, family-oriented school that fosters social and moral development as well as intellectual growth. Our Qualities programme, based on The Virtues Project, includes a “Quality of the Week” and guides many of the decisions we make.

Our children and their teachers work together to set standards that will help our students learn about responsibilities and consequences. We promote high standards of personal achievement for all our students.

Our school is fortunate in having a community of parents and caregivers that provide support in many different ways: through the Board of Trustees or the Home and School Committee, by volunteering to help in the classroom or on school trips, and by joining various voluntary groups. We value the views of the community, staff and students, and incorporate them in our planning.

We are very proud of our school.  It is a focused, forward-looking learning community.  We look forward to working alongside you to provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment for your family.

Jeremy Edwards

Our Vision

Children, families and whanau, and teachers, together sustain and create an environment that supports and encourages each child to be confident, connected and actively engaged lifelong learners.

Our Values

  • A commitment to high standards of personal achievement
  • Independent and self-motivated learning and thinking
  • A commitment to working co-operatively
  • Creativity and risk-taking
  • The development of positive personal qualities
  • Building relationships across the school
  • A strong relationship with its community
  • An inclusive and open atmosphere accepting of difference and valuing diversity
  • A commitment to caring for the environment
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