Our Qualities Programme

Northland School operates a qualities programme throughout the school. This is based on the Virtues Project, a character education programme from the United States.

In adapting the Virtues Project for Northland School we renamed the Virtues as Qualities and created a list of 36 that we believe fit best within our school culture. This shortened list also allows us to cover all the qualities over a school year, focussing on one a week.

We aim to develop an understanding of what each quality is through lessons and discussion. We want the students to see that what they say and do can show themselves and others the kind of people they are.

A key element of the programme is speaking the language of the virtues. This means that staff use our quality words frequently when talking to the children and wherever possible linking the word to the behaviour, eg: “You were being kind when you included Holly in your game.”

Using the quality in a context further enhances the students understanding of the concept. We also use qualities when guiding or correcting behaviour.

For further information visit the Virtues Project website.

Qualities for Term 1 2020

Week 1        Kindness
Week 2    Friendliness
Week 3    Enthusiasm
Week 4    Confidence
Week 5    Creativity
Week 6    Curiosity
Week 7    Respect
Week 8    Obedience
Week 9       Reliability
Week 10    Determination


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