Team 1 - Term 2 2019



Author VisitAuthor Visit
We all learned how to draw Mrs Mo's monster when Paul Beavis visited during book week.

Visit to the DowseVisit to the Dowse
Team 1 went to the Dowse Gallery to explore haraheke. We made ink prints and also learnt how to correctly chop off parts of the haraheke.

Buddy ClassesBuddy Classes
For the next 3 weeks, Team 1 are joining together for their own buddy classes while Team 3 are swimming. Rooms 4 and 5 had to read a story to their buddy and create a follow up activity. It was a huge hit!

Team 1 TopicTeam 1 Topic
Team 1 have started their new topic which is called STEM for short. Children will be forming a question to investigate, making guesses, collecting data and reflecting on the results. Room 1 have a great display which illustrates how children voice their learning when working in a small group.
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