Team 1 - Term 4 2017


Police DogPolice Dog
Rooms 4 & 5 had a visit from Sue a policewoman and her dog Rocket. Rocket was very excited so we had to be very calm and quiet. Sue told us all why and how they use Rocket to help catch the baddies!

Observational DrawingsObservational Drawings
Room 4 were lucky to have Eileen bring in vases of flowers to do observational drawings. Take a careful look at the fabulous detail and shading!

Ice Cream DayIce Cream Day
We recently got to enjoy some of our favourite ice-creams in the sun. It was a lot of fun!

Team 1 students have been learning about shape in maths recently. Room 3 students love the Owl Babies book and made their own colourful owls out of triangles and circles.

Geometric ArtGeometric Art
Another geometrical piece of art that Room 3 students completed used only circles or fractions of circles and dots. They created and named their pictures which ranged from necklaces to birds to faces with chickenpox.

Room 4 love creating props and costumes for the plays they perform.

Keeping Ourselves SafeKeeping Ourselves Safe
Team 1 students are learning about keeping themselves safe in a variety of ways. Constable Duncan has been visiting classes during Week 1 of the term and will also be coming back for another visit.
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