Team 2 - Term 1 2018

Who Am I?Who Am I?
Who Am I writing is about people trying to guess who you are out of twenty seven children's writing and to see if your parents know you well or don’t know you well. We couldn’t put our name in it so we also couldn’t put our parents' or siblings' names in either.

At Northland Park Team 2 have been doing softball. It's like cricket and T ball. There are four bases. This is how you play: you hit the ball and run to all of the bases and touch the bases just like in T ball. The fielders like in cricket try to catch the ball and throw it to the back stop, except if they catch on the full, they still have to throw to the back stop. 


Room 6 is learning how to do a self-portrait. A portrait is a  drawing of your head or someone else's. You can do portraits in lots of different ways. You could use pictures from a magazine. If you ever do a portrait, put the eyes in the middle of the face then you should put the mouth about 2 cm away from  the nose. We were given a piece of paper with a head in an oval shape and neck lines.

School PicnicSchool Picnic
On 9th February we walked to Otari Bush to have a picnic. The whole school was there. When we got there we went in the river and we built a dam but the water kept leaking through the dam. Later we went down to where it was deep and we dunked our whole body under the water. Once we got out it was time to get our sausage!


ASB SportsASB Sports
Team 2 are doing sports at the ASB Centre. We are doing 3 sports which are: gymnastics, floorball and speedball. You do all sports 2 times. Room 6 did gymnastics first. Room 7 did floorball first. Room 8 did speedball first. How you play speedball is like netball except you can score at both ends and there are crazy catches instead of hoops. You can also only take three steps. It's also different in terms of starting. You have a different ball which is a hard ball.


Room 6 are learning how to make graphs for statistics. A graph is a drawing that shows mathematical information with lines, shapes and colours. People use graphs to compare amounts of things or other numbers. Graphs are also known as charts. We did our first graph on Tuesday 13th February. It was about transport from home to kiwi school. The most common was walking. There was a hard sheet and an easy sheet. Then we made a bar graph. We have also done pictographs and line graphs.
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