Team 2 - Term 1 2019

Pop Art CollagePop Art Collage
In Room 6 we have been making collage pop art. So we had to put four different colours on a black piece of paper. Then we cut out different colour shapes or things. Some of the people in our class did flowers, but they couldn’t be that complicated. We put them on different coloured pieces of paper onto our big black piece of paper. We used scissors, glue sticks and paper! If you have time you might want to come in and have a quick look at them!

NZ Legend BookletsNZ Legend Booklets
Room 7 have made legend books. Jo had read to us how New Zealand came about, after that we made our own story how New Zealand came about. Some people first wrote their story in their writing books and others just went straight to writing their legends. We would write the words before doing the pictures. We would choose if we wanted to do it about New Zealand or a different country or state. We folded paper in the shape of a booklet. We drew and filled all the pages (if we wanted to). The book was based on The Fish of Maui. Angela hung them from a line that went from one side of the wall to the other.


The Tree DoorThe Tree Door
Lately, Room 8 has written a story about a magic door (it wasn't really magic but we pretended it was). Room 8's stories were very descriptive and detailed. Some people have finished. All of them have a great detailed orientation/hook. We went on to Pobble which is a website with tons of stories and pictures. 


Collage ArtCollage Art
In Room 6 we have been making collage art with paper. The collage art we did first involved trees. We used all different colours including pinky whitish, yellow, brown, red, green and orange. We also used scissors and glue sticks. We worked very hard on it. Some people finished it in an hour! They look very good: if you have time you should come and see them!

Keep NZ BeautifulKeep NZ Beautiful
Room 8's topic is Keeping NZ Beautiful.  We have watched a video called the garbage barge!  We want to keep NZ clean because we don't want to have a messy country.  We know some countries that are very messy we don’t want to be like them.  Room 8 has been talking about what can happen to animals if they eat plastic bags so put all your plastics in the recycling!  We want you to keep NZ clean so you can keep our animals safe and so we can be healthy!


Vision SlideshowVision Slideshow
In Room 6 we have made vision slideshows. You could choose out of confident, curious, kind, active and creative. We had to use our thinking skills to put down our own ideas. Sometimes it was hard and sometimes it was easy. We were in groups of four or five. We took photos and added speech bubbles.


Room 7 has finished their self portraits. We used coloured paper to do the hair and some people used a pencil to curl the end of their hair. We had to sharpie the eyes, mouth, chin and ears. Angela said, "Sharpie your self portrait when you are happy with your pencil outline”. We had to glue our paper hair properly so it didn’t come off. When we finished our self portraits we gave them to Angela and she stapled them up on the wall.

PATs in Team 2PATs in Team 2
Lately, Team 2 have been doing PAT tests. The Year 4s have had three tests and Year 3s had one! There was a maths test  and a reading that were only for Year 4s and up, plus a listening test for Year 3s and up. The PAT test is for our teachers to find out what skills we have.

Maths GraphsMaths Graphs
Room 7 is learning about graphs for maths. We've been practising with bar graphs, tally marks and line graphs. We are using numbers to 22 to figure out favourite flavours and animals. “Colour neatly,” Angela would say. We learnt that line graphs show changes and bar graphs show differences.


Artist StudyArtist Study
In Team 2 we have been working on a google slide (the people who don’t go to kapa haka and choir). The artist you can choose out of are sculptors, painters and illustrators and it needs to be completed by the end of the term. On the slide we will need to have their Life, Style of Art, Examples of His / Her Art, What I Like About His / Her Art and My Version of His / Her Art. You can choose any artist you like, but it does have to be someone famous.

Name CreaturesName Creatures
Room 8 did name creatures with Anna on Tuesday. The first step was to get a folded piece of paper. The second step was to write your name on it in pencil. Thirdly you covered all the pencil in thick sharpie. After that if you want it to be easier, you put your piece of paper on a window and on the other side of the paper write your name in pencil on the marking of the sharpie. The fifth step was to again go over the pencil in thick sharpie. Then you opened up your piece of paper and looked at what you’ve got. Now you could decorate your creature however you wanted. You should try yourself, we do recommend to try to make one!

Scrabble NamesScrabble Names
In Room Six we have made a scrabble board with Room 6 names on it. We stuck a few big black sheets of paper together and cut out the letters of our names and stuck them on. They have points on them. You can add them up. The lowest number is one and the highest is ten.

Growth MindsetGrowth Mindset
Room 8 has been learning about Growth Mindset. We watched a video and it said you can do truly anything and we thought that was true. Room 8 is excited to learn more. You will express your mind. Trish says you were born to learn and it’s true. At the moment we’re doing worksheets and we’re watching videos. We also learnt that if you make a mistake, you will learn from it so it’s ok to make mistakes. Example: If you were doing a test and got a question wrong, you would try that question again. Don’t be disappointed if you make a mistake!

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