Team 2 - Term 2 2017

Books about Famous New ZealandersBooks about Famous New Zealanders
To make our books we each chose a famous New Zealander to research. Nathalie all gave us a workbook and we had to answer the questions in it, but if you couldn't get enough information you just got as much as you could. We wrote our paragraphs out on a blank piece of paper. Once we had finished, we cut them out using a guillotine, stuck it on a coloured piece of paper, added a contents page and front cover, and then the teacher created it into a book.

Performances for MatarikiPerformances for Matariki
On Tuesday at 9am the school had Matariki performances. Team 3 and 4 kapa haka performed a Matariki song in Māori. Team 1 and 2 sang "Twinkle twinkle little star" in Māori (tirama tirama ngā whetū). Some parents came to watch. Everyone did great performing their songs.


Famous People ResearchFamous People Research
In Room 8 we have been researching our famous people topic on the chromebooks. We had to include: what they do, their early life, childhood, adulthood and some images.


Artsplash Choir RehearsalsArtsplash Choir Rehearsals
For Artsplash rehearsals we sing lots of songs that we have learned off by heart. Alicia helped us. The schools will later get together and sing the songs at the Saint James Theatre. 

Flower ArtFlower Art
Room 6 and 7 are doing flower art.  We sketched the flower leaves and then we did the stalk.  After that we painted the flower.  We also photocopied each flower.  Then we got some clay and cut out our leaves and traced them.  We also put cool patterns in the clay leaves.  We let it dry for a night. Everyone got PVA glue and a paint brush and brushed PVA glue on their whole flower.


The Book FairThe Book Fair
In week 5 we had a book fair.  There was a whole choice of books in the library you could buy for yourself or donate to the school. The book fair is now gone but be sure to come to it next time!

Team 2 had swimming lessons at Karori Pool on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the beginning of the term.  We had 3 weeks of swimming, some in the little pool and some in the big pool. We were all very exhausted at the end.

Landscape Shading ArtLandscape Shading Art
For our shading art we drew a landscape then drew mountains or a hill with a plant at the front. We finally coloured in everything in pencil then shaded it and smudged everything with our finger. With the clouds we had to draw really lightly and smudged it very softly with our finger...

Book WeekBook Week
Northland School has recently had Book Week.  There have been different activities happening in the library, like a scavenger hunt and book quiz. These activities happen in groups of 2-5.  On Wednesday we were allowed to dress up as characters from books. Snow White was very common. We have also had a visiting author.

Geometric ArtGeometric Art
Team 2’s maths focus was geometry. Room 8 made some art based on geometry. We made cityscapes. First we did a background then we glued some shapes on for the city. Here are some cityscapes we made.

Cross CountryCross Country
On Tuesday in week 3 Northland School had its cross country. It was at Ian Galloway Park. Team 2 had to go around the field once and then we went around and through the gate down the steep hill and then up the concrete path, then took a left and sprinted to the end.
These are the qualifying people who have made it to Western Zones. Year 4 boys: Finlay, Jacob, Ewan, Max, Bosley Dome and Oscar. Year 4 girls: Penny, Hannah, Erin, Lucy, Tilly and Isla.  The Western Zone track is approximately 1000m.

Collage ArtCollage Art
For our collage art we had to rip little pieces out from a magazine and glue them onto our picture. Before all of that we had to take a photo of ourselves. Once we have finished we can finally glue our photo onto the picture.

This term we are beginning our topic with cybersafety. Cybersafety is keeping yourself safe on the internet. We watched Kara, Winston and the Smart Crew and we made posters on our Chromebooks.

This term the whole of Team 2 has been doing geometry. We are learning to spell the names of shapes and we're doing symmetry. Room 7 have also been doing booklets about geometry and 2D/3D shapes. Room 8 made a town by using different shapes. 
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