Team 2 - Term 2 2018

Geometry - ShapesGeometry - Shapes
In Room 6 we have been looking at 2D and 3D geometric shapes, edges, vertices and faces. We also have been looking at types of triangles like isosceles, scalene and equilateral triangles. Scalenes can be right-angled triangles. We have also made some posters about 2D shapes.


Superhero SimilesSuperhero Similes
Lately Room 6 have been writing superhero similes. We could choose 3 to 6 superpowers and then explain what superpowers they are by writing similes. We made a superhero cape and wrote our superhero name and coloured it in. Then we made a superhero costume: it could be a girl or a boy.


Banqer is an app that you can use like a bank but on the internet. In Room 8 Gill is the bank. You get a salary but you rent your chair, desk and Chromebook. Gill will take money off if you pick your nose or talk on the mat. If you pick up paper scraps at the end of the day, or are helpful to others you may get a bonus. We also earn interest if we transfer money to our savings account. We are enjoying Banqer so far this term!


Lunchtime Games ClubLunchtime Games Club
In Room 7 we are doing a lunch time games club.  We are in groups and take turns to go. A mum has been bringing in fun board games to play. It runs in the library at lunchtime on Mondays only. It is especially fun to do and we think the club is a great idea.

 Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet
Lately in Room 6 we have been writing about teacher's pets. We had to write who we thought would be the best teacher's pet: 3 reasons why and a conclusion. If you do not know what a teacher's pet is, it is a person that the teacher likes most because they could be good, friendly, never talk on the carpet and never fidget at all.


Room 8 is studying money. We learnt that there are hidden security features that people can’t see on banknotes. Gill brought in a real five and twenty dollar note that we could hold and see with a magnifying glass (the new ones). All of the bank notes have a New Zealand bird on one side.

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