Team 2 - Term 2 2018

Sales DaySales Day
Room 6 has been using Banqer to buy from the Room 6 shop and then we made a product. Before we could choose what we wanted to buy we had to talk about what it was (a sales pitch) and we had to make a poster.  We sold our products to people who wanted it. If you had finished all your products you could get hired or work for the Room 6 shop (the shop is where you got all your items to make your product). 

WZ Cross CountryWZ Cross Country
For the Western Zone cross country it was freezing. We had to wear the Northland School T-shirt and running shoes that you can run in. The course was supposed to be at Karori Park but then it was changed to Karori West School. There were about 50 or 60 kids there. Children from our team got places like 14th, 24th and 29th. A few got into Interzones. On the running day some people had to stay at Karori West School and some went back to school. The people that had to stay at Karori West School got to watch a movie.

Twin & Opposite DayTwin & Opposite Day
On Tuesday 26 June we had an opposite/twin day. We would dress up either opposite or the same as someone else and we would be their twin. There were three prizes to be won for each team. The first one was most effort put into an opposite costume, the second was for the most alike twins, and third was for the biggest number of twins. The prizes were lollipops. 


Can MakingCan Making
In Room 7 we have been doing can designs. We would draw a plan and then pick another plan out of a hat. We would then make that plan and pay for all the stuff. There were feathers, jewels, pom poms, ribbons, different colours and sizes of googly eyes, tinsel, pipe cleaners and felt shapes. The person who made the can would pay us back the amount we paid for the materials to get the can back but if we made a mistake the person would take off a bit of money. When we got our cans back we made a poster advertising our can. It was meant to be a pencil holder but people also see it as an artefact.


Money TripMoney Trip
On Friday 1st June the whole of Team Two went to the Reserve Bank and a supermarket because our topic is money. We went to the Reserve Bank first where we did a little quiz about money. If we got a question correct we would either get a lollipop, a coin or a bag of shredded notes. After the quiz we looked around the museum. In the museum there were amazing coins and awesome notes. Then we went to the supermarket. At the supermarket we had to get food to make lasagne but the budget was only forty five dollars so we had to get the best prices. If we had enough money left we could buy a dessert.

Burger and Sausage SizzleBurger and Sausage Sizzle
For the sausage sizzle / burger day on 13 June we raised money for our sister school in Tonga. The orders had to be in by 7 June. The burgers were $3.00 and the sausages were $2.00. The fillings for the burgers were cheese, lettuce and tomato. There were two tables for sausages and two tables for burgers. They were delicious.

Letter WritingLetter Writing
In Room 7 we have been writing letters to each other. First we wrote our names down on paper then put them in a hat. Next we pulled a name out. That was the person we were writing to. After that we wrote a letter to the person with: what qualities they had, what they were good at, what you liked about their look and what job you think they would be good at in the future. Next we walked down to the postbox at Northland shops and posted our letters. A few days later we got our letters!


Slide Flip and TurnSlide Flip and Turn
For maths we did geometry (slide flip and turn of shapes). We learnt that if shapes fit together with no holes or gaps, they tessellate. Hexagons can tessellate, but circles can’t. We chose a 3D shape and had to show where the edge, vertex and face were. Some of us made 3D shapes such as a triangular prism using a template.

Money PostersMoney Posters
In Room 6 we have recently been creating money posters. We had to write on a Chromebook about money. We could choose a subject to base it on like purchasing, change, ATMs and deposits. We wrote facts about the subject we chose and added pictures.

Elephant ArtElephant Art
In Room 7 we did elephant art with Lyn. First we did a practice of an elephant and then we did the real thing. We made a shape like a G. Then we did the outside of the trunk and the leg. Then we did the ears and the decorations. After that we dyed it white on the bottom and black on top of that. Finally we did the background.

String ArtString Art
In Room 7 we have been doing string art. What we did was draw a simple picture in our sketch pads then we drew it with yellow pencil on black paper. After that we stuck string onto the pencil lines. Next we rubbed over it on another piece of paper. Then we had two bits of art!

Geometry - ShapesGeometry - Shapes
In Room 6 we have been looking at 2D and 3D geometric shapes, edges, vertices and faces. We also have been looking at types of triangles like isosceles, scalene and equilateral triangles. Scalenes can be right-angled triangles. We have also made some posters about 2D shapes.


Superhero SimilesSuperhero Similes
Lately Room 6 have been writing superhero similes. We could choose 3 to 6 superpowers and then explain what superpowers they are by writing similes. We made a superhero cape and wrote our superhero name and coloured it in. Then we made a superhero costume: it could be a girl or a boy.


Banqer is an app that you can use like a bank but on the internet. In Room 8 Gill is the bank. You get a salary but you rent your chair, desk and Chromebook. Gill will take money off if you pick your nose or talk on the mat. If you pick up paper scraps at the end of the day, or are helpful to others you may get a bonus. We also earn interest if we transfer money to our savings account. We are enjoying Banqer so far this term!


Lunchtime Games ClubLunchtime Games Club
In Room 7 we are doing a lunch time games club.  We are in groups and take turns to go. A mum has been bringing in fun board games to play. It runs in the library at lunchtime on Mondays only. It is especially fun to do and we think the club is a great idea.

Room 8 is studying money. We learnt that there are hidden security features that people can’t see on banknotes. Gill brought in a real five and twenty dollar note that we could hold and see with a magnifying glass (the new ones). All of the bank notes have a New Zealand bird on one side.


 Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet
Lately in Room 6 we have been writing about teacher's pets. We had to write who we thought would be the best teacher's pet: 3 reasons why and a conclusion. If you do not know what a teacher's pet is, it is a person that the teacher likes most because they could be good, friendly, never talk on the carpet and never fidget at all.

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