Team 2 - Term 2 2019

Stork WritingStork Writing
Room 7 have been writing stories about storks delivering babies to families. First we watched the video to get notes and then we started writing them. We have been doing this for a week and are now starting to publish our stories and then illustrate them. Then we show them to Angela who will either send us back to fix up our mistakes or tell us to illustrate them.

Book Week ActivitiesBook Week Activities
In Room 6 we didn't do our normal reading activities, we were doing book week activities because it was book week. Some of these activities were doing a picture hunt where you try and find storybook things from pictures, a worksheet, creating a reading game and playing a reading game and more. This is way more fun than our usual activities and the only bad thing is we have to do spelling before we can do the fun stuff. Each group also had a different picture book to perform as a play at the end of the week. Some of the books were "Too Loud Lily", "Sad the Dog" and "The 3 Little Lambs".

Book WeekBook Week
Last week it was Book Week. We had a book parade where you were supposed to dress up as your favourite book characters. An author illustrator called Paul Beavis also came to talk to us.

Science PATScience PAT
Team 2 Year 4s have done a P.A.T test about science. We have done it about science because our topic is science this term and other schools want to know more about the science that we know. They only want the info about Year 4s for some reason!

Team 2 are doing geometry with 2D and 3D shapes.  Room 7 are learning about translation, rotation and reflection. We have done a lot of activities like making cubes worksheets. We are also doing little booklets by taking photos and printing them. We need to do 8 pages and we bring it back to Angela on Friday.


Assembly SongAssembly Song
For assembly Room 8 is doing a song about air, Room 7 is doing a song about friction and Room 6 is doing a song about water. Our song in Rm 8 is called "Up,up,up" and it's all about going in a hot air  balloon.

Report Self-ReflectionsReport Self-Reflections
In Room 8 we did reflections of our learning. We were supposed to write what we found challenging and what we enjoy. It’s kind of like a report except you write it instead of the teacher. When we are finished it will go on our report and our parents can see what wonderful things we have done so far this year.

The Building ProjectThe Building Project
On Saturday the builders started to crane the new classroom into the playground for Room 5. They also built the ramp so we don’t have to use the tiger turf stairs. Today they started drilling holes in the concrete. They also put in wood blocks to prop up the new class.

Story Starter NarrativesStory Starter Narratives
Room 6 has been doing narratives from story starters. You had to pick one of these story starters:
As if from nowhere, a small creature appeared at the cabin door, holding a... 
"Get out of there as fast as you can!" I yelled to my friend as...
I knew it was going to be an unusual day when Mum came into my bedroom and said,"..."

We then had to write a story starting from that story starter.

Superhero WritingSuperhero Writing
Room 6 has been doing superhero writing. You have to choose a character (it can be made up or not). You need three similes and one metaphor. Here is an example: 
"I am Captain Marvel
I fly through the air like a soaring eagle
My fire is as red as blood
I’m as fast as a car on the motorway
I am titanium."


ASB Sports CentreASB Sports Centre
Team 2 have been going to the ASB every Wednesday. Room 7 are on badminton we all enjoy it a lot, we love to juggle the racket. The people there help us learn how to play. Room 7 like how we do a championship of badminton. Maybe we could all be famous badminton players one day! Everybody in Room 7 can't wait to do it again. We all have turns doing each sport. The other sports are gymnastics and floorball.

Pāua ArtPāua Art
Room 6 have been doing pāua art. It is a very cool piece of art. This is how you make it: first you get a blank piece of paper and draw a design on it. Then you go to the jelly-bean table and you dye it  with the colours: green, purple and blue. Then you sharpie and cut it out and put it on a black piece of paper.

WZ Cross CountryWZ Cross Country
Every year we have cross country and the top 6 people get into Western Zones! It was at Karori Park and it was great weather to run. It was hard and fun. Everyone enjoyed it. There were 4 people who got into Interzones from Team 2.


Science Rotation - AirScience Rotation - Air
For our topic this term we are doing some science. Our science is about how things move through water, land, and air. Each room is doing one of those things and the classes will move to another class. Room 8 is doing air. On our last lesson we learnt about how windmills work. There are 3 gears that spin round. They are attached to the blades. When the wind blows the gears spin and the blades turn. A metal pipe is attached to a cylinder. Wires come down from the cylinder to the room below. This creates power for us. A windmill moves because of its shape.

Science Rotation - WaterScience Rotation - Water
Room 6 is learning all about how things move through water. We have learnt that sugar makes things heavier (so they sink) and lots of other stuff like seeing if things float or not and if a plastic cup can float upside down. Some students in Room 6 are also making games, others doing posters and some doing science projects (like can a paperclip float and testing objects to see if they float or sink). Room 6's next rotation is things moving on land with Angela and then moving in the air with Trish.

Science Rotation - LandScience Rotation - Land
Rm 7 has been working on land movement science. In Room 7 we are doing our activities in groups to do with movement on land. We have 8 groups for different activities. We are learning about friction. We have to make a 6 page slideshow about friction. We have had a lot of fun learning about land movement. We all have worked hard on each activity.


Fire ArtFire Art
Lately Room 8 has been painting fires. We could choose if we wanted to do a friendly fire or an angry fire! We are doing these pictures because we are learning to mix colours and we think this is the best way to do it. Room 8 likes finding out new ways to make art and colours.

Troll StoriesTroll Stories
Room 7 has been working on stories with trolls in them. Angela wanted us to look at a picture that had a troll with a boat in his hand lifting up roofs of houses. We all had to use an exciting hook, middle and end in our stories. We used sound effects or started the story with a question. We had to make it detailed with lots and lots of description about what the troll was doing. We were trying to make Angela really hooked in to our stories. We all worked super hard on them. Some of us are still working, some of us are publishing and some of us are almost done. We are writing these story to complete our writing goals.

Reading LogsReading Logs
Room 8 have been trialling Reading Logs this term because the whole school might have them! Room 8 are very excited to try them and they help us to remember to read every night. They are very cool because every 25 nights of reading you get a sticker, but Trish has to give it to you. We are allowed to put small stickers on ourselves.We are on the green reading level which is 7-9. We are the only class that is trialling them because some of us aren't reading most nights! We are really enjoying the Reading Logs not only because we get stickers, but we remember to read almost every night.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday Team Two goes to Karori Pool and does swimming lessons, run by the Karori instructors. People are either in the main pool split up into two groups. In the pool next to it they're also being split into two groups. Some groups are learning water safety and do stuff like tread water, others are learning basic swimming strokes, and do not do water safety yet. The people in the main pool have to swim a lot longer than the people in the smaller pool. If they know how to swim well the people in the small pool will move up to the main pool. All the school does this but Team Two has their swimming in term two.
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