Team 2 - Term 3 2017

Bernie & Melinda's WeddingBernie & Melinda's Wedding
Like most classes Room 6 has class toys and ours are two teddy bears called Bernie & Melinda. They had a wedding on Friday.  The VIPs were Jane, Marie, Mr Edwards, Ann, Rachelle, Erwin & Jo.  For the shared lunch we all brought in a bowl or a plate of food.  There was lots of choices and 4 fizzy drinks which were cola, raspberry, lemonade and orange. In the afternoon there was entertainment and dancing. Melinda then threw her bouquet of flowers and the happy couple drove away in their "just married" car to their honeymoon.

Planet BrochuresPlanet Brochures
As most of you will know in Team 2 our topic is space/journeys. So in Room 6 we got into Year 3 and 4 partners and we chose a planet. Then we made a brochure on a google doc. We made up restaurants, malls, fun parks, hotels anything you can think of. But the cool thing is all the places are different because all the planets have something special about them, like Jupiter has a big red spot: what fun things can you do on that? What can you do on planets with rings? And all ideas are creative.

Superhero PlaysSuperhero Plays
Room 7 have been making plays. First we made some comic strips. This is how we made them: we wrote stories about superheroes, next we made pictures and puppets. Then we did awesome plays.


Pandora WritingPandora Writing
Room 8 have been doing Pandora writing. We watched a video about a planet called Pandora and we wrote a diary entry. We could also make a moon buggy.


Pyjama DayPyjama Day
One of our many fun days is Pyjama Day. We raise money for lots of different places.  On PJ Day you get to wear your pyjamas to school and you're allowed to order a hot chocolate. You can have one chocolate fish and one marshmallow or 2 marshmallows or 2 chocolate fish.  It’s a very fun time!

WZ SwimmingWZ Swimming
As most of you will know, most schools do school swimming and on Tuesday we had Western Zones for the ones who got in from swimming sports.  Two people got in for each stroke and for the relay 4 people got in. We were there all day.  In Team 2, some people came 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their finals. Sadly only 1st and 2nd go through. We wish everyone going to Interzones a special good luck!

Small Sticks HockeySmall Sticks Hockey
Team 2 have been doing hockey on Thursdays with the people from Small Sticks Hockey.We have learnt some skills - one is called the Indian dribble.  We also play games with hockey. Here are some photos.


Planet SlideshowsPlanet Slideshows
In Team 2 our focus is space, so in Room 6 we got into buddies of Year 3 and 4.  We all chose a planet and researched facts to create a slideshow about the planet of our choice, then presented it to the rest of the class. We all learnt a lot about planets and space!

Super Power ArtSuper Power Art
Room 8 have been doing comic art. First we coloured in some letters. Then we cut them out and stuck them on to magazines. Now they are up on the wall.

 Make Your Own Planet Make Your Own Planet
In Team 2 our topic is space and in Room 6 we have been making our own planets.  First we dyed a piece of paper with colours of our choice then we cut them out in a circle.  We gave our planets a name and wrote a description on a Chromebook.

Rippa RugbyRippa Rugby
Team 2 had Rippa Rugby in the first week after the holidays. It was really fun. What we did was we had health and safety, then we had drills and did games. Everyone had fun.


Fantastic BeastsFantastic Beasts
In Room 6 we have been making beasts. We were inspired by fantastic beasts. This is how we made them: we were put into groups, some people did heads, some did bodies, some did tails. We made whatever body part we were told. Then we lucky dipped from each bag and that was who we were with. After that we chose where it lives and then we drew it on paper. We wrote a description. When everyone was finished they all got printed out into one big book.


Picture FramesPicture Frames
Room 7 have been making frames for drawings and photos. How we made them: we made them out of cardboard. First we cut out our frames and then we got some pasta that we glued on with PVA glue. We painted them gold or silver then we let them dry.

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