Team 2 - Term 3 2018

Dress-Up ParadeDress-Up Parade
On Friday 10 August there was a Book Week parade. The order of the classes was room 1-14 and it was really fun.  Everyone had their own idea for a costume. There were lots of photos. There was even a "Where's Wally?" one. Mr Edwards was Wally!

Swimming SportsSwimming Sports
On Thursday Northland School caught the bus to Karori Pool. For swimming sports you signed up for different strokes.  You could do lengths, widths or novelty races. Some people qualified for Western Zones which will be in two weeks. It was great to see our friends and swim with them. After the day I felt brave that I had done the races and tired from the busy day.


Impressionist ArtImpressionist Art
Room 6 has been doing some impressionist art. Impressionist art is when you just get the colours of paint and mix them on the canvas to make the colours you want. Impressionist art is also about the lighting in the picture. We are doing sunsets with something like a simple tree or something easy and that part would be black.

Taniwha ArtTaniwha Art
In Week 1 & 2 Room 7 has been making some impressive Taniwha Art. We did a practice in our sketchbook then our real one. We sketched our legs, then body, then head and then we coloured it in. We added teeth, spikes and koru onto them. Nearly everyone's finished. We will hopefully finish them all by this Friday. Some of us chose to use pastel and some chose to use felt pens. Finally some of us  finished colouring in the details. It took ages to finish.
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