Team 2 - Term 3 2019

Waka WakaWaka Waka
For the assembly Team 2 is doing a dance called Waka Waka. With Paris we learnt the dance at the very beginning of the term, it is the first dance we learnt with Paris. We have so much fun learning the silly and funny dances that Paris makes for us.

Planting BulbsPlanting Bulbs
On Friday we all planted bulbs so they can grow into amazing plants because we are learning about plants. There are some rainbow gladioli and some one-colour gladioli.  Some are now about 10cm tall already.

Fossil StoriesFossil Stories
In Room 6 we have been writing a fossil story. Some of them took forever to type so some people did voice typing. Lots of people's stories were 2 typed pages and they took about 4 days to complete. We had to use lots of descriptive words and language like onomatopoeia, similes and idioms. 


Class Trip to Te PapaClass Trip to Te Papa
Earlier this term Team 2 went to Te Papa, because our topic is learning about different cultures and we went there to learn more about Māori culture. We learnt how a big pōwhiri works and we learnt what some Māori patterns mean. And the wharenui had a bit of everyone in New Zealand. We also learnt that the smaller wharenui had been around for almost 200 years and that it was stolen! Team 2 also did a little booklet where we had to find different things in Te Papa, then we moved onto the next part of the booklet. It was quite fun and hopefully we might have another trip like that.

Calendar ArtCalendar Art
The whole school does calendar art and Room 8 chose to do Aboriginal art for the calendar art. We had to do it fast because it was already the 26th of August and the calendar art was due by 11th September, so we made all the art in one day!!! Everyone finished their calendar art by 3rd August. So… we got it done!

Parent TalksParent Talks
As you probably know Team Two’s topic is different cultures around the world. In a notice we asked Team Two parents to come and talk about their culture and so far we’ve had 5-8 parents come to talk about their culture. They’ve talked about China, Ecuador, Manchester, Poland, Liverpool and more. We love to hear all of them.

In Team 2 our Monday dance has been incredibly fun. We have all had a great experience. We have danced to songs like Stayin’ Alive, Waka Waka and What's My Name? This week our instructor Paris didn’t tell us what song it was but the type of dance that we did was a progressive dance where we had a partner and then we would swap and it would have to be boy with girl. We all had 5 partners. At the end of the session we had to play a match of paper, scissors, rock.


On Friday 16 August 2019 Room 7 started making dioramas of anything they wanted. We first got our own shoe boxes then we made the background. When we finished doing the background it was time to decorate the shoe box by adding things we found outside the classroom and added them to the diorama. The next day we brought in stuff from our homes to put in the diorama. We put in glitter, shiny stars, and images of characters we needed for our dioramas.  Some people in Room 7 made stuff like a horse running on a beach, or a war with Hulk and Spiderman against Loki.


Indian CultureIndian Culture
In Room 6 we have been learning about Indian culture for topic. We made candles that are called divas to represent Diwali the festival of light. We got a ‘jelly cup’ and did some sharpie designs on it then added glitter glue. We also tried saris and ate some barfi (a sweet dessert).


Pyjama DayPyjama Day
It was PJ Day on Wednesday 14th August and Room 8 was in their pyjamas (mostly in onesies). Most of Room 8 got hot chocolates. We loved spending the day in our pyjamas and drinking hot chocolates! Some of us brought teddies or toys, it was so fun to spend the day with our toys.


Winnie the Pooh Comic StripsWinnie the Pooh Comic Strips
Room 8 has been reading a Winnie The Pooh story and we are trying to summarize the story using comic strips. We could do it in two ways: doing mostly pictures and speech bubbles or doing mostly words and pictures to match the text. Most of Room 8 loves the book because it is funny and Rabbit pretends he's not in his hole/house.

In Room 6 we have been doing measurement for maths. We have been learning about centimetres, millimetres, kilometres and metres. We have also been doing perimeter and area. Last week we were practising the time as well. We have been using metre rulers as well as measuring wheels.

Papier MachePapier Mache
Room 7 have been making papier mache pigs. We blew up balloons and covered the balloons with so many layers of newspaper so they don’t crumple up when we pop them. They would only need to be popped if we were making piggy banks. We have had lots of fun making them so they look cool. We first painted them white for the base colour then most of them pink so it would look more like a piggy.

Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Lately Room 8 have been silent reading a lot, and we want to share our books so we’re starting to do book reviews (mostly on David Walliams). We did a few book reviews last term and now we’re taking them to the next level! Room 8 loves reading and we’re trying to get to 30 minutes of silent reading and we think that the book reviews encourage us to read different books and read more! 


Aboriginal CultureAboriginal Culture
This term Team 2 has the topic of different cultures. Room 8 is looking at the Aboriginal culture. But we’re just starting this topic so we can’t tell you much. Team 2 parents, if you have lived in a country with a different culture please come in and share what that cultures about and it’s fine if you come from Australia and just say that you speak differently or something that some people or lots of people know. We have been writing about the sky in Uluru and we have watched a video on Youtube about what the aboriginal people painted, wrote, saw, and later this term we are going to try paint what the aboriginal people painted.
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