Team 2 - Term 4 2017


In Room 6 we made shields called coat of arms. Most families have them.  What we did was we put our shields into 4 sections and drew a picture and word of something we are, we have, we like and we can do.  Then at the bottom we wrote our motto or name and coloured them in.

Class MagazineClass Magazine
All this term we are working on our Room 7 magazine. Every pupil has created an article and a personal story. Angela will give one person an original coloured copy, but each child will still get a black and white copy of the magazine. We were allowed to make a cover for the magazine - we got a few weeks to design our cover and we had a vote to choose our winner!

ASB Sports
Team 2 are going to the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie every Thursday afternoon. These are the activities that we are doing: gymnastics, handball and turbo touch (aka touch rugby).  It's lots of fun.

A diorama is a scene in a box. It is also 3D.  In Room 8 we made dioramas and we could choose a beach scene, an underwater scene or a forest scene for our diorama.  We did our plan in our sketchbooks.  You could use paper or paint for the inside of the diorama.


Swedish Pen PalsSwedish Pen Pals
Earlier this year we got sent a package from a Swedish school called Nyhamnsskolan. Inside the parcel there was a sheep toy called Archie and a letter from the class teacher called Peggy. They wanted us to send the toy sheep somewhere in the world (of our choice). We sent him to Canada. Then we chose a class member each and wrote to them asking questions and telling them about us. Now we are ready to write back to them with more information. They are in grade two. We loved having Archie in our class. He was very fluffy and cute. He was a white lamb/sheep.

Athletics DayAthletics Day
Northland School recently had Athletics Day at Benburn Park. The events were sprints, high jump, vortex, quoits and long jump.  The top 3 of each event get into Western Zones and in the relay the top 5 get in. Year 3 and up do athletics and then Year 1 and 2 joined us at 11.30 to do other events like sack races and bean bag toss. It's not about getting into Western Zones though, it's about having fun!
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