Team 2 - Term 4 2018

School Report WritingSchool Report Writing
Last week in Room 6 we wrote our own school reports about ourselves. We had to write about reading, writing, maths, topic, Art/PE/Maori and a general comment. We had to write what we thought Nathalie would write in our report!

Fun DayFun Day
On Friday 7th December the student council set up a Fun Day.  There were activities like shooting at a basketball hoop while jumping on a trampoline, there was limbo, guess how many jelly beans in a jar, throwing a quoit at a cone and throwing a ball at a lollipop. You could also throw a ball at a target and then a student councillor would jump into a drum of cold water.  The Fun Day lasted for 1 hour.

Advent CalendarsAdvent Calendars
In Room 7 we have been making advent calendars. We made 24 little pockets with a picture and number on them. In the pockets we wrote a nice thing we were going to do that day. If we did the thing a parent would sign the paper. Angela said that if we got them all signed we would get a prize. Some of us brought lollies and put them in our advent calendars. We glued the pockets on black paper.

Scooter Skills CourseScooter Skills Course
Last Wednesday the whole of Team 2 did a really fun scooter skills training session. We did fun games, activities and lots of other things like that. It’s okay if you didn’t bring a scooter because they had extras.

Ice Cream DayIce Cream Day
On Wednesday Teams 1, 2 and 3 had ice cream at the start of morning tea and on Friday Team 4 had ice cream. The choices were cookies & cream (it was actually chocolate fudge), salted caramel and goodie goodie gumdrops. Some people had sorbets. We raised 400 dollars for Starship Hospital.


Teachers' StrikeTeachers' Strike
The teachers of Northland School went on strike recently. All of them went to parliament to ask for more money and smaller classes. None of the students went to school that day - we stayed home instead.

Kilbirnie Recreation CentreKilbirnie Recreation Centre
On Wednesday 21st November half of Team 2 went to the Kilbirnie Rec Centre. When we got there we ate our lunch and got ready to play activities. After the activities (an obstacle course) we had free wheels time. The trip lasted nearly the whole day (from 11:45- 2:30).


St John AmbulanceSt John Ambulance
Today Mel visited us from St John to talk about safety.  She held up cards with pictures of people not wearing important things like helmets or knee pads. Mel also said a sentence to us and if it was safe we sat down, but if it wasn’t safe we stood up. We had lots of fun doing the activities.


Room 6 has been learning how to write a biography of a famous person. We had to make it in pairs. Everyone had to write information to share with the class in a slideshow. We shared feedback on each biography, too.

Class WebsiteClass Website
Room 6 is making a website on Wix. It’s about our class and the school. You have to be sixteen and up to publish a website, but since Room 6 isn't old enough Nathalie signed in for us.  We don't know if we'll publish it.

Wellington Free AmbulanceWellington Free Ambulance
A Wellington Free Ambulance paramedic called Sean came to our school and talked to Team 2 about his job. He showed us all of his gear and medicines. He also showed us how to do CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation) and answered lots of questions. The paramedic picked 5 people to come up and do CPR on a dummy called Annie. He said that he teaches a lot of people who want to become paramedics. We learned a lot from his visit. 


Flower ArtFlower Art
Last week Team 2 did flower art. It was quite messy because we cut a lot of paper on someone’s desk. Not all of us got to finish though. First we chose our background and pot, then we cut our flowers and painted our pot. We had to lay it out with the flowers underneath the vase. Then we glued the flowers onto our background.

Room 7 MagazineRoom 7 Magazine
In Room 7 we are making a magazine for the class. Everyone is making a cover page and doing a story and a puzzle page. You can choose your article. Here are some of the things we can do: advertising poster, interview, fashion page, theme page and sports page.

Sunglasses ArtSunglasses Art
In Room 7 we have been making big sunglasses. We got to choose between some sunglasses templates and drew colourful patterns on the rim. In the lenses we drew things we like or things we did in the holidays. Next we drew ourselves and stuck the sunglasses on. After that we dyed the background and stuck the art on some black paper. Lastly we had the choice to draw some patterns in the corners of the black paper. Making sunglasses were fun and they look very good.

Athletics DayAthletics Day
At 9.30am on Wednesday 24 October at Benburn Park Northland School had athletics day. Team 2 did quoits, vortex, long jump, 60m sprints and 100m sprints but we did not do high jump because of the weather. We watched the big kids do their sports too. We also ate morning tea and lunch there.

Library CullLibrary Cull
This term Rachelle, Alexis, Lizzie, Leanne, Jo and Kate are processing about one thousand books in the library. The library is moving because they are rebuilding the school and the new library is going to be at the front of the school. Rachelle says she feels miserable when she culls books. It is very much like torture. We asked Rachelle eight questions to get some information.
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