Team 3 - Term 1 2018

Writing ScenesWriting Scenes
In Room 9 we are describing a scene from this video in really descriptive language. Some of the descriptive language we used was similes, metaphors, describing words and more. Basically we watched this video called Home Sweet Home and then we chose one moment to describe in full detail.

Student Council ElectionsStudent Council Elections
The last couple of weeks the Year 5-8s have been preparing their posters to be elected as student councilors. The student council elections happen every year and the school votes for who they think would be a good student councilor.  The votes are in and we now have a new student council for 2018.

Arts RotationArts Rotation
In Team 3 we have been doing an arts rotation. These are all very fun rotations.
With Lizzie we are doing art with birds. We drew on the paper to make it into quarters. We drew a bird in each four quarters doing stuff like singing, sleeping, eating and maybe some plants as well. This has been so much fun so far.
With Juliet we are doing drama. Last week (the one before good Friday) we listened to hero music and then did some hero related activities. We also do loads of fun drama games. On the first day of the rotation we played drama games the whole time.
With Vicky we are doing video making. We wrote our scripts to the video making. Some groups have finished script writing and videoing so now they are editing it on WeVideo.  It has been really fun editing and videoing so can't wait to see the finished video. 
Most of us are enjoying our activity and we can’t wait to do the other two rotations next term. This rotation is really fun.

Basic FactsBasic Facts
In Room 11 we have a basic facts timetable system. You have sheets that you can work on and digital games that you can do. When you think you’re ready you do a test you have 30 questions. I think it’s good because you can go at your own speed. It is heaps of fun!

Maths Knowledge GoalsMaths Knowledge Goals
In Room 9 we did a test that determines what your maths goals are going to be throughout the term. Some people are working on rounding to the nearest tenths or converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. What we do is choose games or make up games or rhymes to help us learn/remember our goal.

Flora and FaunaFlora and Fauna
In Team 3 for topic we have been doing flora and fauna. Flora means plants and fauna means animals. For our homework we had to take a photo of 3 or more birds and write their names down. For 1 bird you had to do some research on them, like their appearance. This needed to be handed in by the 15.3.18. Our team is trying to encourage birds to come to our school by giving them a friendly environment with lots of trees, food and making it pest free. We wrote down all the native birds we knew as our first thing for this topic. We saw another school's presentation about this topic to give us ideas. This is really interesting and fun to do. Loads of kids in Team 3 are enjoying this topic for this term.  


Room 11 has been writing autobiographies. First we wrote down notes about our family, memorable moments and what makes us unique. After that we wrote two starting sentences and chose our favourite. Then we went straight onto the chromebooks because Team 4 are on camp so we each had a chromebook. It is heaps of fun. Here are some sentences from our autobiographies:
In Wellington hospital 28.12.9 three days after the celebration of Christmas a baby was born to Ryan Orange and Angela Ballantyne, and of course that adorable first baby was me!


Box to Auckland SchoolBox to Auckland School
Room 10 is doing some writing that is going to be sent to Auckland. Juliet put our name down and we got partnered up with a class around NZ. The class we got was in Auckland. Juliet got a box in the mail for our class. In the box there was a piece of paper that we had to fill in and send to the Auckland school. Then in Auckland they are filling in a piece of paper and sending it to us. The box contained more than just a piece of paper. There was also washi tape, pens, sharpies, postcards and a courier bag that we will send it in. We have to fill in how many people in our class can do things like wiggle their ears, roll their tongue etc. We all have to write postcards. The number of postcards we have are 32. We went round the school and wrote down what we heard and saw. This was practice, for we had to then write descriptive sentences on the postcards. On the big page that we got we have to include a class photo, our mountains, rivers and things like that. We are going to write a small part of a poem that we made up ourselves on the postcards. The poem has to use similes, metaphors or descriptive language. 

In Room 9 we've been using Prodigy to help us learn maths. Prodigy is a maths game that is a bit like Studyladder but much much better. Basically what you do is you create a wizard avatar and then you go around exploring town, battling creatures and other animals. Each time you send an attack you have to answer a maths problem to actually send the attack.

Girls Futsal TournamentGirls Futsal Tournament
On Friday girls from Year 3 to 8 went to the All Girls Futsal Tournament at the ASB sports centre. Each team played at least 7 games. There were 3 teams from each 2 years. There was a signup sheet on the sports notice in term 4 last year and it was up at the very start of this year. The bus ride on the way there was full of excited chatter. Each team played a different schools team of the same age group, but sometimes we played our own school. Each team had a parent or grandparent with their team. Each game was about 8 minutes long and the break between games was 2 minutes long. At lunch at the tournament we saw some young adults play futsal. It was Wellington against Canterbury. Some players signed peoples bags and some paper for them. The tournament lasted all day. It was really fun. Each team got a photo of their team taken. Playing the actual futsal games was so much fun we all wished we could be on all the time. It was sad to go. What an awesome and tiring day!

Road PatrolRoad Patrol
Eighteen kids from Team 3 are now doing road patrol when the Year 7 and 8s can’t. They had a training session with constable Aaron Dann. He explained about the dangers and showed them a video. Then they had a practice; sad for them it was a pouring day and they got soaked. Just in case you don’t know what road patrol is, it is the people who are in the bright orange jackets down by the road at the end and start of school. They hold the flags so that the cars see the children and stop. And they also do the barrier arms to make sure kids can cross the road safely.

This week the whole school has been doing PAT tests - maths on Monday, listening on Wednesday and reading on Thursday. The PATs are about seeing what stage we're up to in our work and so our teachers know where we’re at.

"Remember When" Poems
In Room 10 we have been writing "Remember when..." poems about our summer. We had to use descriptive language and try our best because it was our first piece of writing of the year. Each sentence had to begin with remember when or do you remember and finish with a question mark. Some people shared their poem at 3 News, a team meeting we have on Friday. We included senses and pictures in the poem as well. The pictures and writing were done on paper. We did a draft copy, showed it to Juliet, did a good copy and then illustrated it. We didn’t just have to do one scene, we could do lots, but we could still do just one for our whole poem if we wanted to. Before we started we saw an example and did some brainstorming in our writing book. We weren't allowed to use words like happy, sad, cold and hot for the words, they had to be descriptive so if you were reading the poem it would feel like you were in the poem.


Figure Me OutFigure Me Out
Room 11 has been doing some maths. We create a poster with facts with about ourselves. We added facts like our name and age etc. Then we wrote some maths equations to get to the actual answer on the question. You have to come up with 10 questions and you put a photo and your name in the middle.


Collage ArtCollage Art
In Room 9 we have been doing collage art. We started off by printing out a picture of ourselves and traced it onto a piece of transparency paper. The next step was to rip up a few magazine pages into assorted colour groups matching the colours of our hair, eyes…


I Can't Imagine Life Without...I Can't Imagine Life Without...
In Room 9 we’ve been doing some writing called "I can’t imagine life without…". In this writing we got given a sheet that looks kind of like a brainstorm but you have sections.  In each section we wrote something that we couldn't imagine life without. Some of them were like sports, family, friends, food, pets, technology and lots more...


School PicnicSchool Picnic
Last Friday the whole of Northland School went on a picnic in Otari-Wilton bush. We did a half an hours walk down to the picnic and back. All of us had to wear a sunhat, and sunscreen was recommended. At the picnic there was a sausage sizzle. Also there was a stream we played in and some of us saw an eel, Some people even put their head under. The stream was freezing. We were at the picnic for about three to four hours. We were allowed to explore the stream a bit but not too far. Some people just brought a book to read. The bottom of the stream was very rocky it, made some people's feet sore. There was a bridge that we were allowed to cross and go under. Some people found a tree that was hollow which was a bit like a cave and a branch that you could swing on. It got very hot on the walk back to school. Loads of us had fun and can’t wait till next year's school picnic.


"A Little About Us"
Room 11 has been doing a piece of writing on the chromebooks. We have our own slide to work on and tell the class what we're like. First you would put in your name in along with your hobbies and interests. Then once you have done the writing you can beautify your slide.
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