Team 3 - Term 1 2019

Art with AnnaArt with Anna
With Anna (a reliever) we made little folded animals. What we did is we got a piece of paper and we  folded it so we had 3 rectangles that were longways, then we all drew a nice picture, but when you unfolded it - ahhhh it's a mean creature!

Lego Comparison WritingLego Comparison Writing
In Room 10 we had to pick a toy and compare it to Lego and then explain which toy we thought was better. First we had to draw a diagram. We could do any kind of diagram we wanted. This diagram showed reasons why Lego is good and bad, and reasons why the other toy is good and bad. Next we had to write an argument that explained which toy we thought was the best and why.


Cards for KatieCards for Katie
In Room 11 we have been making cards for Katie (our teacher) because her dad died. First we made them for saying “we hope her dad gets better”, but recently her dad died so we have been changing our cards so that they say “sorry that your dad died.” We are also making one big card signed by everyone so Katie gets acknowledged by all of us and we all get a chance to say sorry.


Team SportTeam Sport
In Team 3 every Tuesday we do our sport. At the moment we are doing volleyball. On Tuesday the 19th of March we got into class groups and practised either in a classroom, outside, or in the Viggers. We practised different styles of throwing and catching with balloons instead of volleyballs. 


Student Council CVsStudent Council CVs
In Team 3 and 4 kids who want to have been making election posters to try for student council. Student council is a group of kids from Northland School who meet once a week. They help out on days like sausage sizzles and ice cream days and can think up other cool new fundraising ideas. On each student's poster it will say some of their ideas and qualities or charities. After the posters have been up for about a week we have voting. Each Team 3 classroom goes one at a time and is given a sheet with all the people that want to be in the student council that are in their team. Then they can choose two Year 6’s and two Year 5’s to vote for.


School VisionSchool Vision
Team 3 has been working on the school vision. We all had ideas and we shared them with each other.  The teachers looked at them and found some that they liked and combined them to make this idea. First we chose a quality that we thought represents Team 3. These qualities were: kind, curious, creative, confident and active. Then we wrote a quote related to the quality that we chose. We took a photo of ourselves in the position of holding a balloon, and we’re going to put the quote in the balloon image on the photo so that it looks like we are holding a balloon. Finally we will put them up on some windows.

Blackout PoemsBlackout Poems
In Room 10, for writing, we have been doing Blackout Poems. A Blackout Poem is a poem where you take words from another story or poem and turn them into a new poem. First Juliet read us a short story. Then she printed out some pages of the story and we each chose one. Then we had to find an anchor word. An anchor word is a word that pops out at you. Then we looked for more words on the page that we liked. We wrote the words down in the order they were in the story. Then we used words like - the, in, then, and - to make it start sounding like a real poem.


Recently in Team 3 students have been taking part in PATS. These are tests that test students in multiple areas such as listening, reading and maths. A student first takes part in these tests in Year 3 and they finish in Year 10, and then in Year 11 they start NCEA.

In Team 3 we have been making our self-portraits. We have been copying the art style of Roy Lichtenstein. Roy Lichtenstein mostly does art that looks like he ripped a page out of a comic book and copied it on a canvas. First we sketched our face in a sketchbook at least twice and then we got handed a dotted piece of paper. We had to sketch it lightly so that if we made a mistake then we could rub it out and it wouldn’t leave indents. If we finished that then we were on the colouring stage. For colouring in you had to colour the dots in darker than the rest of the picture.

Time in MathsTime in Maths
On Tuesday 19th February Room 10 made clocks for their time maths.  First we were given a piece of card with a clock and two hands on it. Then we cut the clock and the two hands out.  To make the clock we made a hole in the bottom of both hands and the middle of the clock. We got a split pin and put it through all three holes so that the hands were connected to the face. Then we got into pairs and used the clocks to show some different times from a worksheet we were given.

Pedal ReadyPedal Ready
From 19 to 22 of February students in Team 3 were to participate in the Pedal Ready program. In the program students learnt to improve their cycle skills through a series of fun drills and games. On the week of the program students brought in their bikes to share across the whole team because different classrooms participated on different days.


School PicnicSchool Picnic
On 7th January 2019 the whole of Northland School visited Wainuiomata pool for our annual school picnic. It was a fun filled day of swimming, sausage sizzles and water slides. They was even an inflatable which students could race on. It was absolutely one of the best picnics yet!
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