Team 3 - Term 1 2019

In Team 3 we have been making our self-portraits. We have been copying the art style of Roy Lichtenstein. Roy Lichtenstein mostly does art that looks like he ripped a page out of a comic book and copied it on a canvas. First we sketched our face in a sketchbook at least twice and then we got handed a dotted piece of paper. We had to sketch it lightly so that if we made a mistake then we could rub it out and it wouldn’t leave indents. If we finished that then we were on the colouring stage. For colouring in you had to colour the dots in darker than the rest of the picture.

Pedal ReadyPedal Ready
From 19 to 22 of February students in Team 3 were to participate in the Pedal Ready program. In the program students learnt to improve their cycle skills through a series of fun drills and games. On the week of the program students brought in their bikes to share across the whole team because different classrooms participated on different days.


Time in MathsTime in Maths
On Tuesday 19th February Room 10 made clocks for their time maths.  First we were given a piece of card with a clock and two hands on it. Then we cut the clock and the two hands out.  To make the clock we made a hole in the bottom of both hands and the middle of the clock. We got a split pin and put it through all three holes so that the hands were connected to the face. Then we got into pairs and used the clocks to show some different times from a worksheet we were given.

School PicnicSchool Picnic
On 7th January 2019 the whole of Northland School visited Wainuiomata pool for our annual school picnic. It was a fun filled day of swimming, sausage sizzles and water slides. They was even an inflatable which students could race on. It was absolutely one of the best picnics yet!
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