Team 3 - Term 2 2017

Brochure WritingBrochure Writing
For our writing we have been making brochures about theme parks. First we had to create the name, address and email address. We also had to draw and design the front cover. Then we had to write about the things in our theme park like the rides and food places. We also had to write a summary and praises from viewers. We then drew a map of our theme park. Then we had to make our real copy.

Matariki FestivalMatariki Festival
On Friday 30 June Kapa Haka performed a Matariki song and Purea Nei. We also heard Team 1 sing their song: Tirama Tirama Ngā Whetū. Teams 3 and 4 sang Rona. The song was based on a story for Matariki.

Student Led ConferencesStudent Led Conferences
In the last 2 weeks of term 2, students from Year 4 to Year 8 had student led conferences. Some were on Thursday and some were on the following Tuesday. The children led the conference. They showed what they had learnt over the two terms and what they were proud of. Each conference was 15 minutes long. The parents listened to their child speak and the teacher. Here is a picture of some practising.

Maths ProjectsMaths Projects
Well it was a big surprise when Juliet told us what we were doing. The reason was because she was bored of writing our maths stuff. Our projects were: make a Jurassic park, make a mum's birthday dinner for 40 people and design a magazine cover. We went in 3 different groups.

Pigeon ImpossiblePigeon Impossible
In Room 9 we have been writing a story based on Mission Impossible except it is called Pigeon Impossible. Our teacher said it should be our best piece of writing we have ever done.  First we watched a video and took notes. Then we got writing. There is a spy called Walter Becket and an evil pigeon. The video was very funny.

Swimming LessonsSwimming Lessons
In Team 3 we have started swimming lessons. We swim at Karori Pool in three different groups. We swim on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Hopefully people in Team 3 enjoy swimming, because we think a lot of people do!

Team SportTeam Sport
In Team 3 we have been doing team sport. The sports are netball, Rippa rugby and basketball. You got to choose which one you were going to play in your classes, A mixture of people got put into all different sports. It is really fun for people that are part of Team 3!


Papier MachePapier Mache
For team art in Team 3 we have been working on papier mache. We have been sticking cups and balloons together to form a creature of some sort. We could only use two cups: there were big standard cups and tiny cups. Once you had planned your creature out in your sketch pad you needed to fill out a chart saying everybody’s names and what cups or cup you were going to use. Then we started adding layers of colour onto our creature after we had stuck our newspaper on with wallpaper glue.

Swimming SportsSwimming Sports
As you might know a few weeks ago there was swimming sports.  You could choose up to 3 events to enter. The events were: 25m/50m freestyle, 25m backstroke, 25m breaststroke and 25m butterfly.
If you were in the top 4 for 25m freestyle you got into the Western Zones relay team. If you were in the top 3 of the heats you would go into the finals, and then if you were in the top 2 of the finals you got into the Western Zones.


Book WeekBook Week
Week 4 was Book Week. There were lots of different activities like a book quiz,book scavenger hunt and dress up day where you dressed up as your favourite book character.  It was really cool.  


Plays for Team 1Plays for Team 1
In Room 9 for Book Week we performed some plays for the Year Ones. First we decided on the groups and the plays we would be performing. There was Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Gingerbread Man and Goldilocks.  Two plays were performed in Room 1 and three plays were in Room 2.


Cross CountryCross Country
As most people know the cross country is one of the biggest  running events of the  year. Every year around autumn is when they hold it at Ian Galloway Park.  This year's event was a bit drizzly but went really well.  Now we have the Western Zones.

Origami ArtOrigami Art
Team 3 has been doing some origami. This is to get an idea of what our papier mache is going to look like. First you had to watch the video on how to make the origami fold. Once you had done all the folds, then you had to plan where all your folds are positioned. You were allowed to go with a partner.

Book CoversBook Covers
On Tuesday for book week Room 8 and Room 9 partnered up to design book covers. They were all fantasy books so they were supposed take you to another world.


Te Papa Space and Science FestivalTe Papa Space and Science Festival
Team 3 went on a trip to Te Papa for the Space and Science Festival. On Monday and Tuesday we wrote about what we did there and what we learnt. We had a whole class Google Slides presentation: in partners we created our slide and discussed what we were going to write about. People wrote about stuff like Antarctica and penguins. People also wrote about some people that talked to us at Te Papa. They were Jen Black (Mars scientist) and Yvonne Cagle (Astronaut). We learnt some really awesome stuff, like that Antarctica used to be a swampy place. Also maggots turn into flies. Liam and Sam did maggots but we pronounce it moogot.

Holiday WritingHoliday Writing
For writing we wrote about our holidays. We wrote about all the exciting things that we did, and we put in some awesome photos! Sam put a video on his slide. It is 8 seconds long. We took 2 or 3 days to write these. Afterwards, we got to read everybody else's holiday writing. After we read them, we could go to that person and give them advice and feedback.
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