Team 3 - Term 2 2018

Cross Country TrainingCross Country Training
On 29 May is the school cross country. Team 3 is doing practices every so often. Maybe some kids will really want to go to Western Zones and they will practise running at home too. Normally if a student wants to go to Western Zones they will have to come between 1st and 6th, if you come 7th or 8th then you might be a reserve.

Room 9 at Capital ERoom 9 at Capital E
On Thursday 17 May Room 9 went to Capital E to make a short broadcasting news show called Once Upon A Crime. There were camera operators and a director, and a few important people had communication headsets. We came back at 12:30 in time for lunch.  This is a link to our video:


Crayon WritingCrayon Writing
In Room 10 we have been doing crayon writing. We read the book The Day The Crayons Quit and everyone chose a crayon they thought most related to them. For example, if you were very tidy you could do pink crayon because pink crayon is very neat. Next we decided to write a letter to the crayon we thought most related to us. We thought of an address to send our letter to which was 22 Crayon Box Lane, Drawtown, Crayon City, Pencillvania. Quite a few people did green crayon because he is  always happy and he likes to help others, like everyone else in Team 3, or even the whole entire school!

Room 11 at Capital ERoom 11 at Capital E
Team 3 are working on media/news for their topic. In doing so the team went on trips to Capital E. Room 11 went on Wednesday 9 May. We did Tonight Line.  We all had a job that we had been assigned to. Some of the onstage jobs were: presenters, weather reporters, interviewees interviewers/reporters. We made up our interviews. Some of the offstage jobs were: director, vision mixer, graphic artist, floor manager, sound designer and quite a few more. At Capital E there were three rooms: the first room was were all the interviews happened and the graphic artist chose the background they wanted. The second room was where the presenters and weather reporters stayed and you may be wondering how did the interviews know when to start? Well we had a TV so we could see them but couldn’t hear them. We had people with headsets like the floor manager and they could hear the director say cue now and they had their arm up and they would drop it down and the interviewers would start! Here is a link to the video:

Birthday PoemBirthday Poem
Vicky had her birthday in the holidays and when we had Jane as our teacher we wrote her a special birthday poem. This poem was a recipe poem for a tremendously talented teacher. First we brainstormed all the cooking verbs like drizzle, separate, whip, pour, blend & layer. We got into groups and chose the stanza we wanted to have. The first stanza was Vicky’s appearance, second was one of Vicky’s hobbies technology, third was another hobby singing, fourth was the last hobby fitness, fifth and sixth were both things we enjoy doing with our AMAZING teacher Vicky, and seventh was the concluding stanza. Jane told Vicky we needed her so she didn’t know what was happening and each group read their stanza with actions/dance moves and at the end we sang Vicky a happy birthday song! We hope Vicky enjoyed this poem.
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