Team 3 - Term 2 2019

Kandinsky ArtKandinsky Art
Two weeks ago we worked on some Kandinsky art. He had made lots of types, but we chose to do Kandinsky squares with concentric circles. We started with a template with six squares then we selected the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) and mixed them together to make the secondary colours (orange, green and purple). Next we put a dot in the middle of each square (different colours for each one). Finally we painted rings around the dot (still different colours for each square) and BAM we had a piece of art!


Swimming LessonsSwimming Lessons
Splash! For two weeks Team 3 have been doing swimming lessons at Karori swimming pool. After arriving at the pool by bus we are split into our groups and we practise different swimming styles like freestyle, breaststroke, dolphin/caterpillar, stingray and backstroke. After swimming we rush to the changing rooms to see which group gets out first. It is usually the girls because there are fewer of them. Our swimming lessons started on Monday 27th May.

In week one term two Hawkins Construction started work on renovating the school. Lately we have had to walk our bikes and scooters up the stairs by the tiger turf. Part of the upstairs playground will be a new walkway. Around a quarter of the school has been fenced off to keep children safe. We have had split morning tea, so the juniors have morning tea ten minutes early while seniors have theirs ten minutes late. The construction is estimated to be finished in two or three years so it could cause some disruption. Despite the disruption plenty of children have enjoyed watching the works progress and we are all looking forward to the exciting changes around the school.


Onomatopoeia ArtOnomatopoeia Art
In Team 3 we have been learning about pop art. Pop art is a type of art where it stands out unusually. We learnt about Roy Lichtenstein and how he is a great pop artist. We got a piece of A4 paper, and wrote an onomatopoeia word e.g. POOF and coloured it in. Then we cut it out and glued it to a coloured piece of paper. Then we cut that out slightly bigger than the other paper and glued it to another piece of coloured paper.


Dream Destination WritingDream Destination Writing
In Room 11 we have been writing about our dream destinations or the place that we most want to visit, for example Bermuda, New York, U.S.A, London or Africa. The stages were thinking of a destination, a hotel, researching attractions, hotel prices, travel prices and then putting all the prices together. We wrote down the answer, the attractions, food and hotel and travel. Finally we copied it on a document.


NS Cross CountryNS Cross Country
On 7th May the whole school made their annual trip to Ian Galloway park for the 2019 Cross Country. What a cracker of a day it was. As the day went on it got hotter and hotter but thankfully the courses were slightly shorter from Year 5 up. Not only could you feel the heat, you could also feel the anticipation in the air. All the kids practised hard in the weeks before, and the competition was fierce. The top competitors were entered into the Western Zones. GO NORTHLAND!
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