Team 3 - Term 3 2018

The ProductionThe Production
On 5 and 6 September the whole of Northland School participated in the production. Team 1 did Edmund Hillary and Maui pulling up New Zealand. Team 2 did the Beatles and a volcanic eruption. Team 3 did women's suffrage, the Wahine disaster and the modern era. Finally Team 4 did the gold rush and the Napier earthquake. All these performances were amazing!

Team 3 Fun DayTeam 3 Fun Day
In Team 3 we had fun day on Friday 7 September. It was after the production and fun day was a reward for it. Some people wore onesies and some didn’t. We played games as a whole team. We played Splash, Four Corners and we also did some Just Dance. After that we had the choice to watch two movies, and they were "High School Musical" and "Alexandra and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day". If you didn’t want to watch you could go in to Room 10 where they made popcorn for the people watching the movies, and after that Vicky showed us our production video.

Marae VisitMarae Visit
On Friday 21st September the Year 6s went to Te Herenga Waka Marae. They went to experience a powhiri. The Year 6s got welcomed by a song. In the marae, it was very quiet. There were carvings and some art. One of the people told us about the carving and we also sang songs. After that, we got to have some kai. It was really good!

High Jump PracticeHigh Jump Practice
From Years 3 to 8 students get to do high jump practice in the netball court. The standard for the year 4 girls is 95 centimetres, the year 4 boys is 1 metre, the year 5 girls is 1 metre, the year 5 boys is 1.05 metres, the year 6 girls is 1.05 metres, the year 6 boys is 1.10 metres, the year 7 girls is 1.10 metres, the year 7 boys is 1.15 metres, the year 8 girls is 1.15 metres and the year 8 boys is 1.20 metres. The top 3 who pass the standard get to go through to the Western Zones to compete to go into Inter Zones.

PJ DayPJ Day
On Wednesday 12 September we had Pyjama Day. We could order hot chocolate which tasted great and the best part is that we got to wear our PJ’s. Some people brought their stuffed friends from home.

Calendar ArtCalendar Art
The whole school has been doing calendar art. In Team 3 we did something named string and ink art. It is when you get a piece of string and cover it in ink. You put the string onto the paper in a wavy pattern. Cover it with another piece of paper. You leave a bit of the string poking out so you can pull it. You pull the string. When you pull the string, it should end up with a nice design when you open it.

Room 9 ClubsRoom 9 Clubs
Room 9 students have been making clubs like a movie club, drawing club and a book club, but I’m sure more students will make some clubs too. Even some Room 6 students have been making clubs! Everyone is joining in the fun no matter what class they are in and having fun.

Story StartersStory Starters
In Room 11 we have been writing with story starters. The sentence we have to start with is - "They thought I would forget. But I remembered. Everything." We came up with a story of our own starting with the story starter. We were allowed to write about anything we wanted to write about.

What IfWhat If
When Brian Falkner came to meet us he talked about "what ifs". What ifs help you think of a plot in the story, for example Brian thought "What if the teachers at our school weren’t teacher and were spies?" In Room 11 we tried our own what if ideas. Then we chose one to elaborate on.


Author VisitAuthor Visit
On Monday 6th August, Brian Falkner visited Team 3. He shared books he has written. He can say hello in every single language. He gave us a challenge to try and name a language that he can’t say hello in. None of us could. Brian also showed us some of the books he has written.

Swimming SportsSwimming Sports
As a whole school we went down to Karori Pool to do Swimming Sports. There were normally 2 - 3 heats and one final, sometimes it went straight to the finals. The top four for freestyle got into the relay. For everything else, it was everyone in the top 2 who got in to go to Western Zones. In freestyle, you had to hit your hand on the wall for you to properly finish. On backstroke, you had to stay on your back until your hand hit the wall. In breaststroke, you had to hit the wall with both hands and that is the same with butterfly. On the 18th August is when the people who were selected go and do Western Zones.


Production PracticeProduction Practice
In Team 3 we have been practising our productions. Room 10 are doing the Wahine disaster, Room 9 are doing women's suffrage and finally Room 11 are doing World War 1. In each of these practices we have to practise singing our production songs and doing the production dance moves. Many of us from Team 3 are very excited for some of our first (second third fourth...) productions. And each child will have successfully provided a costume which I’m sure will look amazing and dazzling!


Novel StudiesNovel Studies
In Team 3 we are doing novel studies. Novel studies are when people are sorted into groups and you have to read chapter books. In Room 11 the books are: "There’s a boy in the girls' bathroom" by Louis Sachar, "Holes" by Louis Sachar, "Charlotte’s web" by E.B.White and "A boy called Hope" by Lara Williamson. We also need to answer questions about the particular segment of the book we just read.

String ArtString Art
In Team 3 we have been doing string art. How we did it was quite easy, you had to: get some coloured ink and then colour that string with the colour you've picked (using a paint brush is best), make sure you have enough ink on the string but not too much, then put the string in any position you want it. Once you’ve done that close the book and press, not too hard and not too soft, then pull the string out slowly. You can wriggle it around too while pulling it out if you want to. Once you’ve done you can open the book and ta da!!! There's your wonderful masterpiece. It should be so beautiful. Here you can see an example of Team 3’s art.


The Magic Box WritingThe Magic Box Writing
With Eileen, we have been doing writing named ‘The Magic Box’. You firstly read the poem and wrote down all the ideas that you could come up with. You would choose what you would put in the box, choose what the box is made out of, and what you would do inside the box. You would have to write down words to use instead of using the word ‘put’. Once you had done all our planning and writing down your ideas, you could start writing and you had to make it really descriptive. It didn’t have to rhyme and the minimum was 5 verses. You could choose to do the magic box, jar or book. Once you were finished you would show Eileen.

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