Team 3 - Term 4 2017


100 Word Challenge100 Word Challenge
For the 100 Word Challenge what you do is choose a precious thing that you love and write lots of facts about the precious thing. The aim is to write down all your facts in 100 words, not in a list but written like a story. We were allowed a bit of space to write in and we could write from 90-110 words. This was lots of fun but quite challenging.


Fun DayFun Day
Every year we have a fun day or two. This year our fabulous fun day was on Thursday 30 November. Normally we have the jellybean guessing, marble guessing and all those other fun things, but this year we had something extra fun for Teams 3 and 4… the waterslide! Every kid loved it and wish we could have it next year. This was a very fun day!

Christmas ArtChristmas Art
For art in Team 3 we have been creating wrapping paper, cards, ribbons, bows, stencils and gift tags. Most of us are making them for our Secret Santa. We are all making the wrapping paper on brown paper. Some people are making Christmas lights wrapping paper, some people are making Santa hat wrapping paper, and some people are making something unique.

Egg DiariesEgg Diaries
In Rooms 9, 10 and 11 we had to babysit eggs for four days. We had to every day fill in a diary of our egg and ourselves. If we broke our egg before the four days were up, we could make a funeral for our egg and write about that. So far most people have been lucky and haven't broken their eggs.

Fairy Tale WritingFairy Tale Writing
In Room 10 we have been doing fairy tales with a twist.  So what we do is rewrite the fairy tale but from another person's perspective. So for example the good wolf instead of the big bad wolf.


Portfolio CoversPortfolio Covers
Each year we have to make a portfolio cover. It has to have on it your name, your year, the year that it is and your room. You have to make it as colourful as possible. What most people put on their portfolio cover is something they like such as a sport they like doing or if they like ballet they might put ballet shoes on it. Some people might draw random things!


ASB SportsASB Sports
On Mondays we have ASB sports. We do volleyball, handball and gymnastics. We do drills and play lots of fun games. The 3 groups are on a rotation of the activities.  We have a great time.

Egg SittingEgg Sitting
This week for topic we had to babysit eggs. Our topic this term is Keeping Ourselves Safe so we are practising to keep other people safe. The challenge is to try not to crack the egg! We have to look after an egg for a week. We got it on Monday and spent the whole of last week making our house for our eggs and writing a story about them. In just the first hour of getting our eggs, 3 people cracked them, and they were all girls!

Ice Cream DayIce Cream Day
On 15 November the school had an ice-cream day to fundraise for Starship Hospital.  Each ice-cream cost $2.50. The flavours were chocolate, goody goody gum drops and salted caramel. You could get a cone or a cup: the cups you got from Mr Edwards. He also gave you a spoon to eat the ice-cream from the cup. You would get a cone from the student councilors giving you the ice-cream. There were free wafers and sprinkles to go on top of your ice-cream.

Cans for GoodCans for Good
Cans for Good is a charity that gives food (that is in cans) to people who can’t afford them. Last week we started to bring in heaps of cans. Our room (Room 11) collected 54! On Friday we gathered all of the cans that the whole of Northland School had brought in. We made all of our cans into a display that was N♡S.

Persuasive WritingPersuasive Writing
In Room 9 for writing we have been trying to persuade Jane to let us do a subject at school that we don’t do, or something we don’t want to do.  We started doing a descriptive plan and writing what the three main points were, then putting two pieces of evidence to go with it.  After that we got to start the conclusion and had to revise what we had written.  Finally we got to publishing the persuasive letter in our books.

800m Run800m Run
The 800 metres was on Wednesday 25 and it was held at Newtown Park. The Year 5 boys and girls went first and then the Year 6 boys and girls went second. It was a good race: the track was wet but not too slippery.   Everyone had a great race and had lots of fun.

Team GamesTeam Games
One of the games we play in our team is prison ball. It is when you line up balls in the middle of the court and you run to get the balls so you can throw the balls at the other team to get them into the prison. If you get hit and you get into the prison you have to catch a ball on the full to get out again.

Māori WritingMāori Writing
On Friday 20th October in Room 11 we started our Māori writing! We started off by brainstorming things about the Māori culture like…. they speak Te Reo Māori, the tattoos, taniwha, they celebrate Matariki and much more. After that, we either chose whether we were going to do the writing in partners or by ourselves. Once you had chosen your partner, you chose what you were going to be researching your writing on. You also had to choose a second subject because the first one you wanted might be taken. After you had chosen, you had to look up your topic and make a google slideshow about it. Once we had finished, a few people got to present and share their finished slides. Here are people working on their Māori writing.


Spooky WritingSpooky Writing
This week on Monday we started doing spooky writing in Room 11. At first Vicky played us some spooky music and then we had to close our eyes and think of a scene in our head. Next we quickly started planning out our ideas because otherwise we would have lost them. The next day we started to write our story down. After that we showed it to Vicky and then turned it into a video. We made it into a video on WeVideo.

Athletics DayAthletics Day
In Team 3 for athletics day we went to Ben Burn Park and started our first sport, then when the hooter went we started our next event. The Year 5s and 6s were split up because they had different standards for everything except the sprints. The sports were long jump, sprints, vortex, high jump and quoits. You had to pass the Western Zone standard and be in the top three to get into the Western Zone. It was lots of fun!
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