Team 3 - Term 4 2018

Secret Santa in Rm 9Secret Santa in Rm 9
On 20 December Rm 9 is planning to do a Secret Santa. Each student has a partner, they don’t know who it is, and on 18 December or earlier everyone should have brought in their Secret Santa presents and we’ll put them in a sack. Some people made a card and wrote a message but instead of writing your name you write “from your Secret Santa”. Once all the presents are in the sack and all Rm 9 students are in a circle, Lizzie (our teacher) will hand them out. 


Class PlaysClass Plays
In Room 10 we have been doing plays. We had about 2 hours to practise and after we had practised enough we presented it in front of the class. After the plays had finished everyone gave feedback on the play.

Hot and Cold ArtHot and Cold Art
In Room 10 we have been doing hot and cold art. We started off by drawing a line with a ruler, then we drew a circle in the corner to act as a sun, and a moon on the other side. Then we painted it and after it was dry we drew all the different types of patterns.

Fun DayFun Day
On Friday 7th December, Team 3 went to the Fun Day. The purpose (of course) was to have fun. You got to do activities like throw the sponge at the student counselor and find marbles in ice. When you did an activity like marble ice and you completed it you won a lolly as a prize. For Teams 3 & 4 you could also go on the slip and slide but you had to bring togs and a spare change of clothes...

Ice Cream DayIce Cream Day
At Northland School all the teams had Ice Cream Day on 22 November. There were ice cream flavours such as: Goody Goody Gumdrops, Salted Caramel and Cookies & Cream but since so many people ordered Cookies &n Cream the student council ran out, and for a replacement they had Chocolate Fudge. Students of Northland School could have a wafer or sprinkles on their ice creams. Thanks to so many people wanting ice creams, Northland School raised more than 400 dollars for Starship Hospital.

Christmas CardsChristmas Cards
In Room 9 as part of our homework we have to do a good deed and we have been writing Christmas cards to people (retirement homes) who don’t normally get them. Some of us also made envelopes to put the cards in. The organisation is called Sending Love and they’ve been doing this for many years. No one knows who they are giving their cards to but they still write amazing things in it. No one deserves to be alone.


St John First AidSt John First Aid
At school the St John people came to teach us about the importance of safety. Our first aid person taught us how to bandage a bleeding wound. She also told us what the person on the phone would ask us. It was really interesting. She gave us a card that said what to do in an emergency e.g. asking questions like “can you hear me?”. Over all we really enjoyed doing it.

Each year all the students make a portfolio cover page to mark their year of activities and tests. We’ve all been busy drawing and creating our portfolio covers for the end of this year. On the portfolio cover you must include your year, name, class and the year. In Team 3 some people have been making them on Chromebooks or just on normal paper.

Documentary WritingDocumentary Writing
At the moment Room 11 is making documentaries. First we had to choose our topics. We had a choice to do a biography, an animal report, a place or an historic event. Then we had to do some research about our choice of topic. Once we had enough information we began to write our reports. We each had to write about 4-6 paragraphs. Once we had finished our writing we began to put it together on Wevideo. We needed to record our voice saying our information and find videos and pictures that related to our topic. We also had to write a bibliography saying where we found our information and photos/videos. Everyone in Room 11 is really enjoying it!

The Vicky ProjectThe Vicky Project
As you all may know, Vicky Balfour has a little infant on the way (a boy) and Team 3 had a special 3 News as a way to say goodbye. A lot of people prepared skits, plays, scratch games, videos and dances to say goodbye. Vicky is kind, intelligent, funny, caring and generous. We will all miss her very much. She was a very good teacher!

Team 3 RobotsTeam 3 Robots
In Team 3 some kids from each class have been chosen to build robots. They used online step by step instructions on iPads to create a robot on 3 wheels, two at the back one at the front. Then Team 3 will share the robots between classes. Together the classes are going to code them to do cool stuff!


Bake SaleBake Sale
On 25 October Northland School had a bake sale to make money for the Year 8 leavers dinner. At the bake sale there were such things as: cookies, sweets, jelly, macarons, slices, lollipops and much more. Some of the food was even Halloween themed. Just before the end Northland had a few lollies left to sell, with ice blocks at Kelly Sports summer soccer. But by the end of the bake sale Northland School had raised $1010 for the Year 8 leavers.

Musical GenresMusical Genres
In class we have been doing musical genres and we have a different genre for every week. This week we are doing rock and roll. At Three News the Three News team has to prepare a slide or two about it. We really enjoy choosing songs from different genres because lots of the song we haven’t heard before.


In Team 3 we have been using a coding website called Scratch. In Scratch you pick sprites (as you can see in the photo) and you drag out a command and the sprite does your command. We have been learning simple stuff like making it spin and making noises and other easy step by steps.

Hundertwasser ArtHundertwasser Art
In Team 3 we have been doing art inspired by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, a famous artist. He was born in Austria in 1928 and moved to New Zealand in the 90’s. We have been drawing villages and landscapes of our own; most of our pieces of work have been wild and creative just like Hundertwasser's art was. Friedensreich Hundertwasser was also an architect. Most of his building were crazy: really cool and definitely not straight! Hundertwasser believed that in nature nothing was straight and even, and that every tree, every plant was made up of heaps of wavy lines.
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