Team 4 - Term 1 2017

Abstract ArtAbstract Art
Room 13 have been doing some abstract art where you draw a face with different shapes and then colour it in. This leads to a beautiful piece of art. There is only one rule though: you can’t put two of the same colour next to each other.

This term Team 4 students could choose to do PALs (Physical Activity Leaders). If you did PALs you had to choose a sport and a class/classes that you would be doing it with. It was a great way for the little kids to bond with the older kids through sports.

Nature SkitsNature Skits
Last week Team 4 performed their skits to the rest of the team including the teachers.
After this amazing show the team 4 teachers decided to choose some groups to share their impressive acting skills to the rest of the school at the end of term assembly. These groups include the story time group, the rubbish tour guide group and 3 others.
Besides all this acting the groups needed to gather props, accessories and costumes to attract the audience to their skit. To follow all the success criteria all groups needed to base their skits on nature and include a sentence that read: “It’s going to take a lot of thinking to get out of here.’’ 
These skits were made for camp but due to a busy week at palm grove, Team 4 presented their skits on 23 March!

Thank You LettersThank You Letters
In Team 4 we have been writing letters to the parents who came to camp. We had to illustrate them and they also had to be handwritten.The parents did a great job of taking care of all the kids: they were responsible, supportive and inspirational. All of Team 4 loved you being here and we couldn’t have gone if you weren’t there. Many thanks from Team 4!


Ngā ManuNgā Manu
On camp Team 4 went to a reserve called Ngā Manu where there were lots of birds and lots of plants. One of the coolest birds was Dexter the pukeko. He liked having his chin scratched. We also did a quiz and to get the answers we had to venture all the way around the reserve.

Nikau Palm ArtNikau Palm Art
For the past few weeks Team 4 have been doing Nikau Palm art. We have done this art after camp because we went to Palm Grove Christian camp and their were lots of Nikau Palms. We are also doing it because we went Kapiti Island and saw Nikau Palms. We had to include a Nikau Palm and part or all of Kapiti Island.

Western Zone CricketWestern Zone Cricket
On Tuesday 28th February Northland School went to Karori Park and played several games of cricket against other teams. Some teams were harder to beat than others, and many referees were awesome. This was a fun sporting event for kids to try cricket out.

Swimming in Team 4 is different to all the other teams. First you do a test: if you pass you can do springboard diving, Kiwi surf, water safety, snorkeling, water polo and Swim Squad. If you don’t pass the swim test, you will be in "learn to swim" which will help you with your swimming techniques and your swimming strategies.

Palm Grove Camp & Kapiti IslandPalm Grove Camp & Kapiti Island
In Week 5 Team 4 went on camp at a place called Palm Grove Christian Camp.  They had all sorts of things that were so much fun. One of the activities we did was walk up and down Kapiti Island There were lots of birds there. The walk took all day but we stopped quite a few times and we stopped at the top for lunch.The weka tried to steal our lunch! And the kaka opened the zips on our bags with his beak and stole our lunch!

New FurnitureNew Furniture
Over the new year Team 4 got new furniture, including lilypads so we can sit on the floor comfortably, high tables that give us a chance to read comfortably and whiteboard tables which we can draw on. We work productively with the furniture and it is an aid to our learning. Here are some students opinions:
“It’s good that they have individual desks so that you can work on your own.’’  “It’s AMAZING!”
Overall everyone likes the furniture and it really helps all of us learn.

Camp Rotation ActivitiesCamp Rotation Activities
Team 4 camp was a blast this year especially the rotations, including: the water slide, confidence course, co-operative games, the rec hall, field games, a scavenger hunt, orienteering, the high ropes course and the pool.
When you had finished your rotation you got spare time. We most often took a trip to the pool or water slide. We also had night time activities like the blind trail, movies and camp diaries.

Preparation for CampPreparation for Camp
Getting fit for camp
All students in Team 4 have been getting fit for camp each morning by running around the school. Many have completed 3-4 laps but some have done 5-6.  
“I need to pass them today,” says Jessica Room 14. 
All teachers in Team 4 have been scattered outside of the school to keep the children safe as they run past to prevent injuries to any of the year 7 and 8s.

Baking for camp
Everybody in Team 4 has been asked to make some home baking to take to camp and share.  The teachers will test the sweets and treats before camp to make sure they are yummy enough for everyone to have a slice.  All sweets and treats that are being made for camp must be homemade as it is part of Team 4's homework.

New Teacher - KatieNew Teacher - Katie
Our teacher Katie is new at Northland School in Room 13. She has taught in lots of schools around the world and is a great teacher. The school she last taught at is Ngaio school. She loves sports and cross country and is a big soccer fan.  Katie is a very enthusiastic and welcoming teacher. She brings great learning to Room 13 and also Team 4. In the morning we do a karakia and whakatauki, both brought to us by Katie.  Katie has also brought many other things from along her teaching career. Over all she is a great teacher for Team 4.
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