Team 4 - Term 1 2018


A PAT is a test which you usually do at the start of the year so the teachers know what your learning ability is. It helps the teachers decide what group to put you in for the following subjects: Maths, Writing and Reading.
There are 3 different PAT tests that you have to do each year from about Year 3 until you leave the school (Year 8). They are a Maths, Reading and Listening PAT test. You normally have about 45 minutes to complete each test. The test usually takes place in the middle slot (in between morning tea and lunch). 
We have to keep a book next to us in case we finish early. Once we have finished we can’t move around the room and make lots of noise because it’ll distract the people who are still working on their test, but it’ll also affect the ones reading their book. 
Before you start the test, the teacher hands out long strips of paper with your first name, surname, password for the test and the nzcer website.


Team 4 BiographiesTeam 4 Biographies
This week Team 4 have been starting their biographies of each other. Everyone was given someone to write about, that wasn’t their friend or someone they knew well. Most Team 4 classes were asked to give 21 questions of their choice to their buddy.


Preparations for CampPreparations for Camp
This week we are starting to prepare for camp. We have to train for camp just to make sure that we are fit for it. We are running around the block about 3 times, so we can go running up and down the water slide at camp, and other activities such as mountain biking, kayaking...
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