Team 4 - Term 1 2018

Over the past few weeks we have been doing fitness rotations including many skills like push ups and ski jumps. These skills prepared us for the tramp to camp and also will prepare us for the cross country next term. We have 1 minute at each activity so you have to be quick.

Sunset ArtSunset Art
At camp there was an amazing sunset, so the teachers decided that we would do art based on the sunset. The camp sunset had yellow, orange, red, purple and blue in it. We got watercolours and practised blending the colours together in our sketch pad. Then we got given some 8B pencils which we used to draw the background.  Soon after we were confident enough to do the actual copy. We used proper watercolour paint and proper watercolour paper.


Letter WritingLetter Writing
Team 4 got back from camp a couple of weeks ago. We decided to write letters to the instructor and parent helper of our group to thank them. 
We had to do up to at least 3 paragraphs. In the first paragraph we said what we were thanking for, second we told them what our favourite activity was. In the last paragraph, some people may have said what they found challenging and others might have just thanked them again.
Last we decorated the border and might have added a little picture of the campfire or archery...
On Thursday 5 April the parent helpers will receive their letters at a dinner with the teachers.


Abseiling at CampAbseiling at Camp
Camp was a huge highlight for all Team 4 children, but for most it was the abseiling that pushed the limits. Hanging out of a door 8 metres up and being frightened till you can't scream any longer was what you had to endure for one and a half hours. The Gym was big and I mean big. Whenever you said any word the whole gym would echo which lead to total embarrassment! Good times!

The Giant SwingThe Giant Swing
At camp the giant swing was the best by far. The name explains it all. What you do is your instructor clips you on to a huge rope. Then everyone else pulls this other huge rope which launches you up. When you want to stop you shout out STOP!!! Then your instructor would repeat back to the people who are pulling the rope and then you would stop. Next your instructor would shout out 3….2….1 and then you would pull this little white rope and you would go flying backwards through the air. It was so fun!


Team 4 leaves for school camp on 12 March 2018 and we come back on 16 March 2018. We go for 4 nights and 5 days. This year Team 4 is going to YMCA Camp Kaitoke. Some of the activities that we are going to participate in are Archery, Super Fox (this is the biggest flying fox in the northern region/north island), Giant Swing, Kayaking, Orienteering as well as many other fun activities. We got to choose our cabin groups, altogether there are 23 that Team 4 are using. We share cabins with up to 6 people and we share a bathroom with the cabin next door e.g. Cabin 3 would share a bathroom with Cabin 4. Some of the last cabins like 23 etc. have their own bathrooms. We can get prizes for having the cleanest bathroom, tidy cabins and you can also get a prize for doing the simplest things like pulling your curtains and turning off the lights when you leave. The prize is a lollipop, yum yum.

WZ CricketWZ Cricket
On Tuesday 27 February some of the Year 5 - 8s went to Western Zones cricket. There were a heap of different schools such as Wadestown, Karori Normal, St. Teresa’s and Otari. The whole day was non- competitive, so that people who had never played cricket before would have a chance to learn. At the end of the day we all got squishy cricket balls. Overall I thought the day was really fun!

Team 4 BiographiesTeam 4 Biographies
This week Team 4 have been starting their biographies of each other. Everyone was given someone to write about, that wasn’t their friend or someone they knew well. Most Team 4 classes were asked to give 21 questions of their choice to their buddy.


A PAT is a test which you usually do at the start of the year so the teachers know what your learning ability is. It helps the teachers decide what group to put you in for the following subjects: Maths, Writing and Reading.
There are 3 different PAT tests that you have to do each year from about Year 3 until you leave the school (Year 8). They are a Maths, Reading and Listening PAT test. You normally have about 45 minutes to complete each test. The test usually takes place in the middle slot (in between morning tea and lunch). 
We have to keep a book next to us in case we finish early. Once we have finished we can’t move around the room and make lots of noise because it’ll distract the people who are still working on their test, but it’ll also affect the ones reading their book. 
Before you start the test, the teacher hands out long strips of paper with your first name, surname, password for the test and the nzcer website.


Preparations for CampPreparations for Camp
This week we are starting to prepare for camp. We have to train for camp just to make sure that we are fit for it. We are running around the block about 3 times, so we can go running up and down the water slide at camp, and other activities such as mountain biking, kayaking...

Team 4 started school swimming on Tuesday 20th February. We went to Kilbirnie Pool for swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 5 weeks, 10 lessons. We got a small sheet with the options of things that we could participate in at swimming. You had to number your 3 favourite options from 1-3. Some of the options were: Learn to Swim and Swim Squad for people who want to practise or learn to swim. There are also extension classes for the more experienced swimmers. In the extension classes you could do many things like kayaking, springboard diving, kiwi surf as well as many other sports in the water. 
On the first day of swimming, we all had to be at school by 8:20 am to be on the bus by 8:30 for our 9:00 lesson. Once we were there we got changed into our togs. When we were sorted into our groups we would be tested by the swimming teachers. This only took about 10 minutes and that was basically our day.
On the Thursday we found out our swimming groups. All of us were pretty happy!

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