Team 4 - Term 1 2019

Nikau Palm ArtNikau Palm Art
In Team Four we have been doing some Nikau Palm art. We got the idea from the Nikau Palms at camp. We practised the techniques for it like learning to sketch the leaves and trunk. Then we drew the real thing! We drew a Nikau palm, the sea, Kapiti Island in the background, and either sunset, sunrise, night time or day time for the sky. Everyone enjoyed this art!


The Blind Trail at CampThe Blind Trail at Camp
At camp we did lots of fun things, and some challenging things too. One of the fun things at camp was the Blind Trail! The blind trail was rope tied between lots of trees. You had to hold on to the trees, while you couldn’t see anything. You wore a blindfold and it was night time, so that’s how it got the name the blind trail. We went in our cabin groups, and the others who were waiting were watching a movie. It was really fun clambering through the trees at night. Everyone enjoyed it!

Kapiti Island at CampKapiti Island at Camp
On Thursday 21 February at 8:45 am Team 4 was getting ready to take a boat over to Kapiti Island. The boat ride was about ten minutes and once we were on the island we had a bit of a briefing on the island's origins. Then we began the hike. It took us about one hour and ten minutes to reach the top where we had our lunch. We were hoping to see a spectacular view when we got to the top but sadly the view was fogged. After a fifteen minute lunch break we were on the move again. Another hour and thirty minutes later we were back to where we started. While we were waiting for the boat we had a bit of a play on the beach, and some of us saw a New Zealand fur seal. Then the boat arrived and we headed back to the mainland. What a day.

Pedal Ready in Team 4Pedal Ready in Team 4
In the past few weeks Team 4 has been doing Pedal Ready biking lessons which is a bike safety program. A class is split in half and each group of students has two instructors that teach you how to keep safe on and off the road. Firstly you learn grade one which happens over one day where they teach you how to make sure your bike and helmet are safe before use and how to use and follow many indications and rules on the road when biking. In grade two you have to go on the road and use what you learned from grade one at a number of intersections and busy roads around Northland.

Preparing for CampPreparing for Camp
As soon as Term 1 started in Team 4 we were straight into it: we were preparing for camp. The first thing we worked on was our fitness, so the teachers set up a course. We had to run as many laps as we could in 20 minutes. We also did some reading on all the different places we were going to go like Kapiti Island and Nga Manu Nature Reserve. Then we needed to do some home baking for our afternoon tea. The week before camp we had to start packing our bags to leave for our destination: Palm Grove Christian Camp, Paraparaumu. We also wrote about nice things you could do at camp but it had to have a connection to a quality that our teacher chose.

Treaty of WaitangiTreaty of Waitangi
In Room 12, we have been learning about the Treaty of Waitangi. In our inquiry books we brainstormed facts about what we learnt from the text. We discussed a bit about the New Zealand land wars. Then we moved on to making posters! We wrote on the sheet, and filled in some missing words. And then we decorated it using fun colours and pictures. Then Alex hung them on the classroom wall, and put some maps and interesting facts with pictures and drawings around it.

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