Team 4 - Term 2 2017

Shared StoryShared Story
In Team 4 we have been reading a book called “928 Miles from Home" and have recently finished it. It is about a boy who gets into an accident and has visitors staying and he feels uncomfortable about it but turns to like them and become better than best friends.


Calendar ArtCalendar Art
In Team 4, we have been preparing for our calendar art. We are going to do a watercolour background with black iconic buildings e.g. The Eiffel Tower or The Leaning Tower Of Pisa. We have been researching buildings for weeks and now most people have come to a decision on what buildings they are going to do on their landscape.

Matariki CelebrationsMatariki Celebrations
On 30th June 2017, in the early morning there was a Matariki Celebration at 6am! Not many people had the guts to get up that early! There was a great breakfast in the staffroom, and some Kapa Haka performances later outside. Then, once school had started that day, there was yet another performance, only this time it was much later and the whole school was there! This year’s Matariki was an amazing day full of food, singing, and fun! We all look forward to next year’s Matariki!


Matariki String GamesMatariki String Games
For buddy reading last week Team 4 taught their little buddies how to do string games for Matariki. It involves a lot of complicated hand movements to get the string into positions that look like stuff, for example cup and saucer, parachute, Eiffel Tower. The older buddies were very patient while teaching the little kids.

Lit CirclesLit Circles
Team 4 have started doing Lit Circles where each reading group reads a bit of a book and then does a different response depending on what role you have. The different roles are future forecaster where you make predictions, word wizard where you find interesting words then look them up, passage picker where you find a passage you like and describe why you like it, discussion director where you ask questions which will start a discussion going, quiz master where you ask the other people in your group questions and they have to try and answer them, and connector where you have to make connections to the book. Lit circles are a really good way to learn to actively do the roles while reading.

Maths GraphsMaths Graphs
In the last couple of weeks Team 4 have been learning how to put useful data into graphs. Most of us made graphs on Google sheets but many did it by hand as well. Graphs we made include: scatter graphs, dot graphs, stem and leaf graphs, pie charts and bar graphs. 

Book Week Dress Up DayBook Week Dress Up Day
On Wednesday 24 May almost everyone in the school dressed up as their favourite characters from a book. There were lots of witches, monsters and the occasional Thing 1 or Thing 2. This year a lot more people in Team 4 dressed up than last year and the costumes looked like people had spent a big amount of time on them. The weather wasn’t very good so the Teams were split up so that Team 3 and 4 would see each other and Team 1 and 2 would as well. A lot of the costumes were amazing with guns and other props. This book day was really great I think everyone enjoyed it and had loads of fun.


Swimming SportsSwimming Sports
Swimming Sports occurred on the 6th of June, and it was action packed! A ton of people were anxious and ready to swim as fast as they could. The first race up was the 25m freestyle, this was probably the favoured event and a chance to prove yourself in a simple race, yet still full of fun. The swimming events were:
1 Width (any stroke may be done in this event)
25m/1 Length Freestyle
25m/1 Length Backstroke
25m/1 length Breaststroke
25m/1 Length Butterfly
50m/2 Lengths Freestyle

Everyone tried really hard, and all the winners of the races will go to Western Zone Swimming (a more difficult swimming race) and go up against other schools in Wellington.


NS Cross CountryNS Cross Country
In Week 3 the whole school had cross country. The Year 1 and 2’s had cross country at Northland Park while the Year 3 - 8’s had cross country at Ian Galloway Park. For the year 4 - 8 everyone who came 1st - 6th place is going to the Western Zone competition with 7th and 8th place as reserves.


In Team 4 we have been going to Karori West Normal School to do a series of technology activities, including cooking, making felt, woodwork, clocks and sewing. We all have to arrive at school before 8:30 to catch the 8:40 bus to Karori. We stay at Karori West School for morning tea and come back to school at lunch. All girls must have their hair tied back and no loose scarves or jewelry.
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