Team 4 - Term 2 2018

Owl ArtOwl Art
Team 4 have started doing some more art. We are drawing owls and have a main focus on the eyes of an owl. We chose between 2 different owls to draw, the ruru (morepork) which is a NZ owl and the traditional owl, the one with long eyebrows. We got a picture and just started drawing, trying to recreate the picture. After we have finished sketching the owl, we will colour in the eyes yellow, orange, blue or whatever colour you want, but leave the body and wing black and white.

Twin, Triplet & Opposite DayTwin, Triplet & Opposite Day
The NS student council organised a twin/triplet or opposite day, where students got to dress up for the day in costumes either with a partner or two, in a group, or dressing up opposite. In the beginning of the day there was a parade, complete with judges, lollipops as prizes and stage. Team by team the students would walk up with their peers and the judges decided on a winner for each category: most effort put into being opposite, twins/triplets that look most alike and biggest group (looking alike). Everyone who participated received a lollipop and the winners of the categories got another one! Everyone enjoyed dressing up and lots of people participated - including the teachers! Despite the cold weather, everyone had a good time. Maybe it was the lollipops?


Book Swap in Teams 3 and 4Book Swap in Teams 3 and 4
On Wednesday 20th June the Team 3 and 4 book swap took place in the Northland School Library at lunchtime. The week before Isabella and Annabel went around Team 4 asking Rooms 12, 13 and 14 if they had any books for the book swap. Amelie and Ollie did the same but with Team 3 (Rooms 9, 10 and 11). We had to hand in our books by Monday morning of Week 8. The team 1 and 2 book swap took place on Thursday (the day after Team 3 and 4 book swap). 
Once we had given our book(s) over, we got some tokens/tickets to use at the book swap. If we handed in 2 books we would get 2 tickets etc. We could only hand in up to 3 books and only get up to 3 tickets. 
On book swap day the people participating handed in the tokens to the people at the desks helping (after they had chosen their books) and took their books that they chose home or kept them at school to read.

Language LessonsLanguage Lessons
In Team 4, we are currently learning different languages such as Te Reo Maori, French, Spanish and Mandarin. The majority of Year 7s are learning French. Same goes for the Year 8s and Spanish. However, a merge of kids are learning Te Reo and, separately, Mandarin.
So far in the couple of sessions the various groups have learned how to introduce themselves and have a conversation. At the end of the term some people will present what they have learned in the class. This could be numbers, days, months or greetings.


Book ReviewsBook Reviews
Over the past week Room 13 has been writing book reviews of our favourite books - to describe, to persuade, to entertain, to recount, to summarise. The reviews had to include some personal voice, opinions of the book, a summary and absolutely NO SPOILERS! We also read some examples of other reviews other people had written. After the reviews were written and peer checked we typed them out on a chromebook and then they were put on seesaw where our parents could see what we had done. We also added a voice recording to explain what we did.

Lit CirclesLit Circles
Team 4 does Lit Circles in Term 2 and 3 each year. There are certain books that Year 7 and 8 can read. Some of the books were: Night Vision, Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry, Wonder, Star Girl, Transall Saga, Goodnight Mr Tom etc. We have meetings every week and we each have a job to do. The jobs are: Manager, Quiz Master, Discussion Director, Word Wizard, Future Forecaster, Passage Picker, Connector and Illustrator (only Room 13 does the illustrator job).

Restaurant DesignsRestaurant Designs
When half of Team 4 were out of the class attending Western Zone Hockey or National Young Leaders Day, the remaining students were given a project which was to design a restaurant. This included what the interior would be, where it  was, what food would you serve and an advertisement.
Many groups did different types of restaurant, such as an Asian bar, or even an underwater cafeteria! One group did a place set in a 50s’ Diner.
My group chose to make our restaurant a cross between Thai and Japan called ‘Lotus Flower’. This was set on a pier with scenic views and delicious food such as sushi, ramen, or teppanyaki!


Arts InquiryArts Inquiry
Last term a large handful of the students in Team 4 started an arts inquiry which is a speech on a famous or well known person to do with the arts. The person we selected had to either be a dancer, singer, musician, fashion designer - anyone significantly to do with the arts. The options had to have something to do with the arts because the students that did this arts inquiry were either not in the choir, kapa haka or both. These are both arts related.  
This term, we have signed up to a day to present the inquiry. We are presenting them all throughout the term on Wednesdays and Fridays when the students participating in choir and kapa haka are away. 


WZ HockeyWZ Hockey
On Tuesday 22 May 2018 Western Zone Hockey took place at The National Hockey Stadium in Newtown. Many people from Northland School came to participate in this event along with other schools.  We were to be at the School Viggers Centre by 8:55am to ensure we would be on the bus at 9:00am and at the National Hockey Stadium by 9:30am. Each team played a total of 8 games and played different teams ranging from Wadestown School to Karori Normal and Kelburn School. There were of course many other schools like Marsden and many other Karori Schools. Northland School sent a total of 4 hockey teams to the Western Zone Hockey Tournament. 


This term, we have been attending weekly lessons of various types of technology. This includes Woodwork, Cooking, Sewing, Electronics, Felting, and Art. In these lessons, we make a variety of creations that we take home at the end of the seven lessons.
In woodworks people are making a light with a wooden stand and a custom light shade. The students in foods are making bread and various other types of edible goodness. And these are only a handful of the many groups you can be in and things you can make!


Art TechnologyArt Technology
On Tuesdays and sometimes Wednesdays most of Team 4 goes to Karori West School for technology but some stay behind and do art instead. This is another technology class. The teacher’s name is Ailsa, she is Fiona Valentine’s eldest daughter!! In the art classes we practised cross hatching (which is a way to shade) in the first week. We also drew apples, circles and then shaded them in. In the second week we did still life (a fruit bowl). Ailsa brought in a fruit bowl and with our shading skills we sketched a draft then a good copy, then we coloured the bowl with watercolour pencils. On the third week we started landscapes and on the fourth week we finished the landscapes and started portraits. If you go into Room 14 you might see some portraits behind Fiona Valentine’s desk. Ailsa (our art tech teacher) drew most of those drawings apart from about 2! When you get to Team 4 have a look and you’ll see how good Ailsa is at art. 

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