Team 4 - Term 2 2019

Lit CirclesLit Circles
Lit Circles is a programme for reading, where the teachers get out a selection of books, from Year 8 and Year 7. You put down the top four on a piece of paper and give it to your teacher. Your teacher will put you in groups, hopefully from your book of choice. So far we have only got put into groups for literacy circles. Later on in the term, we will do some more work, and next term we’ll do it again.


Persuasive WritingPersuasive Writing
In Room 13 we have been working on our persuasive writing which is based around electric cars. We could choose whether we wanted to write for electric cars or against them. We had to consider their cost, maintenance, mileage and how environmentally friendly they were. We found out that if everyone in the world was to make the switch to electric cars they wouldn’t eradicate pollution completely because the process of making electric cars still involves things like rubber, which are made from fossil fuels. So whose side are you on?

Science FairScience Fair
This term Team 4 is working on science fair. Most of us have already chosen our topic. Science fair is when you come up with a science experiment, technology or plant/earth question, and over time you research it and write down your observations. At the end you put it on a big board ready to present at Science Fair. Some students go on further, and they can win prizes. Team 4 will be presenting these in Term 3, Week 1. And already Team 4 is brewing up ideas!


NS Cross CountryNS Cross Country
On your marks, get set, GO! On 7th May 2019 at 1:30pm Northland School went down to Ian Galloway Park for their annual cross country. First up were the Year 1 boys followed by the Year 1 girls then the Year 2 boys and the Year 2 girls and so on. The last people to race were the Year 8 girls. After everyone had run it was about 2:45pm and there were quite a few tired kids, parents and teachers. Now in one year Northland School will be back down at Ian Galloway park again!

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