Team 4 - Term 2 2019

Author Visit Bianca BegovichAuthor Visit Bianca Begovich
Bianca Begovich came to visit Team 3 and Team 4 for book week. She came to speak to us about what she loves and what she is passionate about, writing. She loves the environment and thinks real magic is all around us, it is planet Earth. Bianca used to study botany before she started writing and her love for the Earth bloomed from there. Her books are based on the topic nature. Some of her books are "The sea and me", "The trees and me", "The bugs and me", "The honey hub", "The neverending sunflower", and her favourite book, "The cool pool".

Matariki EveningMatariki Evening
The evening started at 5pm and the Kapa Haka group performed. Some warm sausages were available to eat and there was star gazing with the Wellington Astronomical Society. Children could do poi lessons in Room 5 and some craft activities too. Everyone had fun but to see the stars in July look to the left of where the sun rises at dawn and you might see them.

WZ HockeyWZ Hockey
WZ Hockey was a good day for some and bad for others, but in the end it wasn’t competitive, it was fun for all to have. Some of the best hockey players came together to play some games and share skills and views of the game. Some kids just wanted to have fun and enjoy the game no matter what happened. So next time maybe you can have a go and share your thoughts on the game. And maybe you will be a star if you don’t give up and keep trying!

Building UpdateBuilding Update
On 10th June the new ramp was made letting us get in and out of Northland School more easily. Another new building office is being made, there are two more offices that were also made a while ago. Sadly the third room is taking up about half the court, but don’t worry we still have room to play. They have also just finished building a new ramp going up to it so the new room should be ready tomorrow. We don’t really know yet but apparently new portable playground equipment is going to be made soon which will be exciting for all of us. 


Sausage SizzleSausage Sizzle
On Wednesday 19th June Northland School had a sausage sizzle. We took turns lining up class by class to get our sausages. There were vegetarian and gluten free options.  We were fundraising for Kids Can.

The Town PoemThe Town Poem
Lately in Team 4 we have been doing poems on somewhere we have been with friends or family and enjoyed. We read a poem called The Town, by an author who made it up. First we planned it, and found some interesting and descriptive words to say what our poem’s about. Instead of The Town, we did The …… and what you wanted to do. Then we followed the style of the poem and put in our own words instead, and wrote it out and illustrated it in our poetry book.

Māori Song IllustrationsMāori Song Illustrations
In Team 4 we have been practising a Māori song, Me He Manu Rere, and we had to remember it. So first we wrote it onto refill in neat writing, and then we glued it in to our poetry books and drew some Māori patterns around the outside. Once we had published it neatly, we practised it so we would remember it, ready for team hui.

Writing & Science PATWriting & Science PAT
In Team 4 we have been doing science PAT tests. On Wednesday 12th June the Year 8 students did the science PATs and the Year 7 students did some story starters. On Friday 14th June we swapped round, Year 8s did writing and Year 7s did the PAT. We read a story starter by Bret Mckenzie from Flight of the Conchords. We then had to brainstorm about the problem, the characters' personalities and the beginning, middle and end. The science PAT is just like any other. The teachers wanted to know what we needed to learn about in class time.

Science RotationScience Rotation
In Team 4 we have started a science rotation. Rm 14 goes into Rm 12, Rm 12 goes into Rm 13 and Rm 13 goes into Rm 14. In Rm 12 we are studying how quickly salt and sugar saturate warm water and cold water. We all developed a hypothesis, and then conducted the experiment. We then wrote about the difference between our hypothesis and the results. A highlight was mixing the water and salt until the salt dissolves.

Statistical InquiryStatistical Inquiry
Lately in Team 4 we have been doing a maths statistical inquiry. We have chosen a topic and are gathering data from Team 4 or other teams, years and people around school. We collect data by asking questions, measuring or asking them to do something. We have to have two variables, so it could be gender, and some people are measuring people’s foot size. Then we put it in a graph, one that you choose, and then you present it.


In Team 4 we have recently started going to tech. Every Thursday we leave early and catch the bus out to Karori West and start making things. There are 5 classes: Woodwork, Cooking, Sewing, Acrylics and Electronics. There are so many things that you can make, from storage units to cheese scones!

In Team 4 we are learning new and exciting languages! We split into 4 groups: French, Spanish, Mandarin and German. We get together 2 or 3 times a week for a half hour session. For Mandarin we have a special university student who comes in to teach. We watch videos, do worksheets and have mini conversations.  Sometimes we will even play games.

Morning HuiMorning Hui
In Team 4 every day we do a morning hui. It’s when we go into one of the classrooms, say a karakia, and the teachers say any notices and about the day. On Wednesday we have a long one, which would usually be on Friday in the Viggers, but we don’t have that space any more because of the building work. On the long hui there are two presenters, and we have certificates and we sing songs, and the teachers do more notices and sometimes the students say some reminders.

WZ Cross CountryWZ Cross Country
On 21st May 2019 those lucky top 6 places from Year 4 - 8 got to take a day off school to go do some running. The first race was the Yr 4 Girls and the AWD (athletes with disabilities) then Yr 4 boys and so on all the way up to Yr 8. The course was 1000 metres per lap and the Yr 4s started by doing only one lap. Then the Yr 5s and 6s had to do two and the Yr 7s and 8s had to do three. The course started at Fernlea Ave and then you ran up the stairs to the top carpark, made a hard left turn and you would follow that bush path all the way to the big gravel park. Then you would run down the wide gravel track and follow the path all the way along the hill to the river. Then you would cross the river without stepping on the large stones (they were roped off) and follow the gravel track all the way to the finish line unless you were a year 5, 6, 7 or 8 or you would have to do two or three more laps. What a great day of running! Having a whole day off school to do some running was a big bonus although I know some people might not agree with me.

Lit CirclesLit Circles
Lit Circles is a programme for reading, where the teachers get out a selection of books, from Year 8 and Year 7. You put down the top four on a piece of paper and give it to your teacher. Your teacher will put you in groups, hopefully from your book of choice. So far we have only got put into groups for literacy circles. Later on in the term, we will do some more work, and next term we’ll do it again.


Persuasive WritingPersuasive Writing
In Room 13 we have been working on our persuasive writing which is based around electric cars. We could choose whether we wanted to write for electric cars or against them. We had to consider their cost, maintenance, mileage and how environmentally friendly they were. We found out that if everyone in the world was to make the switch to electric cars they wouldn’t eradicate pollution completely because the process of making electric cars still involves things like rubber, which are made from fossil fuels. So whose side are you on?

Science FairScience Fair
This term Team 4 is working on science fair. Most of us have already chosen our topic. Science fair is when you come up with a science experiment, technology or plant/earth question, and over time you research it and write down your observations. At the end you put it on a big board ready to present at Science Fair. Some students go on further, and they can win prizes. Team 4 will be presenting these in Term 3, Week 1. And already Team 4 is brewing up ideas!


NS Cross CountryNS Cross Country
On your marks, get set, GO! On 7th May 2019 at 1:30pm Northland School went down to Ian Galloway Park for their annual cross country. First up were the Year 1 boys followed by the Year 1 girls then the Year 2 boys and the Year 2 girls and so on. The last people to race were the Year 8 girls. After everyone had run it was about 2:45pm and there were quite a few tired kids, parents and teachers. Now in one year Northland School will be back down at Ian Galloway park again!

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