Team 4 - Term 3 2018

Author VisitAuthor Visit
On Monday 6th August the author Brian Faulkner visited Team 4. He talked about many things. He talked about what inspired him, where he gets the book ideas from and he talked all about his books. He told us about a couple of words that have helped him throughout his career. One of the main ones was “What if…” He used this word a lot because this is an important word if you want to be an author. You use this word to create a story, all you have to do is imagine. Such as saying “What if James just started floating and couldn’t get down?” This was not only interesting but it was also inspirational.

Preparing for the ProductionPreparing for the Production
This year Northland School is doing a whole school production. In Team 4 we are doing the Otago gold rush and The Napier/Hawkes Bay earthquake. We are extremely busy choreographing and practising dances, painting props and backdrops, writing scripts and many more. The audience will be following children around New Zealand as they learn about many important and historical events that have taken place over the years. The event will take place on the 5th and 6th of September at Wellington High School.


1931 Earthquake1931 Earthquake
For the production Team 4 have split into two groups. One group is doing the horrific Napier 7.9 earthquake. It terriorized the city and Hawkes Bay in 1931. Team 4 are currently making Room 13 into a warehouse in use for models for old fashioned buildings. We are working on gathering all the cardboard we can. Everyone who is working on the project is working hard. There is scriptwritng to model making. Not only the models, but there is a Napier earthquake dance which the kids are still learning (see photo). Team 4 is also desperate for 1900’s clothing. The appropriate clothing for the production would most likely be waistcoats, a few ties, dresses, belts, dark leather boots and old rolled up shirts.

Science FairScience Fair
In Team 4 we have been working on our science fair. Science fair is a competition for years 7 to 13. The children pick a question and through investigation and research they put together a science fair board with information about what they have studied. Science judges come to the school and select 20 children to go to the NIWA science fair competition where prizes are given out for different categories like foods, engineering, plants, etc. Team 4 has Term 2 and the holidays to complete the fair. It is very fun to do the testing.

Swimming SportsSwimming Sports
Recently, on Thursday 2nd August Years 3-8 participated in the Northland School Swimming Sports. Everyone had a selection of swimming strokes and lengths, from 1 width of the pool to a 50 metre swim. The strokes were freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. All of the swimmers from years 4-8 were competing to get into Western Zones. To get into Western Zones you had to be 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your heat and you had to be 1st or 2nd in the final. But in 25m freestyle the top 4 got into a relay. Overall everyone had a great day.
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