Team 4 - Term 3 2019

Explanation WritingExplanation Writing
Recently in Team 4, we were given the task of explanation writing, where we described the Team 4 exclusive, technology. We were given a brief for this assignment, and a planning sheet. The brief told us how to build the layout for our document. We had five minutes for planning, 40 minutes for writing, and five minutes for editing and proofreading. The first paragraph was our introduction, the second was about tech in general, and saying the two classes we participated in. The third paragraph was one of those classes, and fourth was the other class. After those 40 minutes were over, we came back the next day and did some editing plus proofreading, ready to hand in. 


Team 4 recently attended an event called Showquest. This event was hosted by Wellington Boys College. It included performances by WC and WGC. The kapa haka group called Tiaho te Ao performed a variety of haka and waiata. After the kapa haka group performed, the orchestra and choirs had their turn. They showed us some of the things they had been learning and some skit like performances about music through the decades. Overall, we all had a really enjoyable time and we even saw some familiar faces.

Tech for Team 4 this year has resulted in children going off to Karori West School and participating in T1 Woodworking, T2 Cooking Food, T3 Sewing Items, T4 Clock Making and T5 Making Acrylic Plastic Items. These are fun activities that go from 9:00 to 12:15 during the school day. The late buses did affect the times when we arrived but that didn’t matter because everyone in Team 4 is flexible and respects that not everything can be perfect and bang-on.

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