Team 4 - Term 3 2019

Twins DayTwins Day
Twin Day was held on the 24th of September. It was the day where we dressed up the same as a friend, to become twins, triplets, and beyond. Some dressed as complete opposites, some were conjoined twins, some wore the same clothes, etc. The student council also organized a parade for twins to show off their outfits. There were prizes for the biggest group, best theme, craziest hair, and most alike. The prizes were lollipops, one for the categories we just listed, and one for dressing up.

High Jump PracticeHigh Jump Practice
In preparation for athletics day Northland School will be setting up high jump mats every week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, weather permitting. The mats will be set up at 9am and will be put away just before lunch. They will be set up at the park and students are encouraged to give it a go at morning tea.  See the qualifying heights in the photo.

New Junior PlaygroundNew Junior Playground
In the old butterfly garden there is now the new junior playground. It’s still not completely finished, but it looks like it will be a lot of fun to play on when it’s finished. Team 1 will be excited to be able to have a playground back where they can play with their friends. They’re still waiting on safety mats so no one gets injured.    


Māori PostersMāori Posters
For the last few Friday afternoons, for those who don’t go to Kapa Haka, we worked on our
Te Tinana posters, which is Māori for “The Body”. What we did is we searched up the Māori words for body parts on the internet, and wrote them down in our books. Once we got enough of those, we then either traced or drew a person, labelled the body parts accordingly, coloured the person, then finished by making a border.


Calendar ArtCalendar Art
In Rm 12 we have been doing our calendar art. This calendar art is city skyline art. It’s where we had to draw buildings which could be based off real/fake ones, or our own creative made - up buildings. We painted the sky and water using water colours / acrylic paint. We did our buildings with pencil then sharpie, and the reflections with a shading pencil.


ASB SportsASB Sports
In Team 4 on Wednesdays we have been going to the ASB sports centre. We have been playing volleyball, floorball, basketball and ultimate frisbee. You do two sports per session both for 45 minutes. We rotate between the sports. We usually practise and learn, then we play a game of the sport at the end.

NIWA Science FairNIWA Science Fair
On Thursday 29 August twenty students from Northland School went to NIWA to compete with their scientific question against students from other Wellington schools. Different judges came around for certain categories e.g. some judges were specifically for plant based questions, and different judges for different year groups. At the end of the day everyone got to look around at others' science fair boards. They then came back on Saturday for prize giving.

On August 22nd at 6:30 pm Year 7 and 8 students from 50 - 60 schools came to Newlands Intermediate School to compete in a maths competition called Mathswell.  We had six main Mathswell people and two reserves / backups.  Mathswell splits up the team into two groups. 3 for problem solving and 3 for multichoice. Problem solvers get 1 question at a time, but have 2 attempts for the problem, while multichoice get 5 options for the problems. For more info on the Mathswell format, rules, competitions, etc, look at


New Library SpaceNew Library Space
In Room 9 on Mondays kids are now allowed to use the space as a library. Reading books and playing board games are good stuff to do. There will be 30-40 books out that the librarians will bring down from the library so kids can read. When it is 1:25 the librarians collect the books and take them back up to the normal library in Room 15 and put the books back on the shelves.

Pyjama DayPyjama Day
On Wednesday 14 August our school had a PJ and hot chocolate day where you got to come to school in your PJ and pay for a hot chocolate. With your hot chocolate you could get marshmallows and chocolate fish. Yummy! We have been raising money for Starship Hospital.


NS Swimming SportsNS Swimming Sports
On 6th August, students in Year 3 - 8 went to an event called swimming sports. It’s a competitive event in which we enter events we selected ourselves, as follows: 50m freestyle, 25m freestyle, 25m backstroke, 25m breaststroke and 25m butterfly. We left at 12:00. Novelty races were for those who weren’t competitive swimmers, and teachers created some games for them to play.


Every Monday Team 4 goes down to the community centre to learn a new dance with our instructor Paris from the company “Footsteps”. We have a new focus and style every week. We learn about body awareness, space, fitness and more. We have studied styles like funk/aerobic, partner dances, contemporary/jazz and reggaeton. Our teacher, Paris has worked for Footsteps for almost a year, and has been dancing since she was three years old.

Explanation WritingExplanation Writing
Recently in Team 4, we were given the task of explanation writing, where we described the Team 4 exclusive, technology. We were given a brief for this assignment, and a planning sheet. The brief told us how to build the layout for our document. We had five minutes for planning, 40 minutes for writing, and five minutes for editing and proofreading. The first paragraph was our introduction, the second was about tech in general, and saying the two classes we participated in. The third paragraph was one of those classes, and fourth was the other class. After those 40 minutes were over, we came back the next day and did some editing plus proofreading, ready to hand in. 


Team 4 recently attended an event called Showquest. This event was hosted by Wellington Boys College. It included performances by WC and WGC. The kapa haka group called Tiaho te Ao performed a variety of haka and waiata. After the kapa haka group performed, the orchestra and choirs had their turn. They showed us some of the things they had been learning and some skit like performances about music through the decades. Overall, we all had a really enjoyable time and we even saw some familiar faces.

Tech for Team 4 this year has resulted in children going off to Karori West School and participating in T1 Woodworking, T2 Cooking Food, T3 Sewing Items, T4 Clock Making and T5 Making Acrylic Plastic Items. These are fun activities that go from 9:00 to 12:15 during the school day. The late buses did affect the times when we arrived but that didn’t matter because everyone in Team 4 is flexible and respects that not everything can be perfect and bang-on.

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