Team 4 - Term 4 2017


Leavers Dinner PreparationsLeavers Dinner Preparations
For the last month or so, in Team 4 we have been doing heaps of work for the Year 8 leavers dinner. The Year 8s have been writing speeches and practising acts to perform at the leavers dinner. The Year 8s also had to write a page long memory of their time at Northland School. At the same time the Year 7s have been writing letters, learning a song and making decorations for the hall. They have been sworn to secrecy so it is a surprise for the Year 8s.


On 29th November Team 4 took a bus over to Brooklyn School to do the tri-tournament. The tri-tournament is a day where 3 schools Northland, Wadestown and Brooklyn play sports in hopes to win the cup. There was dodgeball, fast 5 netball, 7’s rugby, soccer (girls and boys), cricket, chess and tennis. Unfortunately we didn't win the cup but we had lots of fun playing all the sports. Also for some strange reason we came second in dodgeball which we didn’t even participate in! In the end the hosting school won the cup. Congratulations Brooklyn.

Persuasive SpeechesPersuasive Speeches
This term Team 4 have been writing and presenting persuasive speeches. Everyone had to choose a topic to persuade others on and research that topic. Once we had finished researching and taking notes we began writing the speech. We chose a few main points and elaborated on them to further persuade the audience. Once the speeches had been written and typed up we made cue cards. After we had finished the whole process of creating our speeches it was time to present them. Some really interesting speeches made by students include: Added Sugars - Are They Necessary?  The Uprising of Rubber Ducks and Stuffed Animals (a hidden meaning speech), Why We Should Be Able To Text 111. All the speeches were very interesting and unique and we all had fun doing them.


Newbie LettersNewbie Letters
At the moment in Team 4 we have been writing letters for the Year 6s who are going to be in Team 4 next year. These letters can be humorous, informative or they could even scare the Year 6s. Some paragraph ideas were: the special things you can do in Team 4, what you should not do, what we do differently and what you need to be successful. At the end of the year we will give these letters to the Year 6s.


Persuasive TextsPersuasive Texts
This term we have been using our persuasive skills by writing persuasive texts about all sorts of things which we have researched and turned into fabulous work.  Quite a few people believe in ban the bag. We have all really enjoyed this and have learned a great deal about problems that affect the Earth today!

For four weeks of term 4, Team 4 have been going over to the park on Thursday afternoons for sessions with the NZIS (New Zealand Institute of Sport). We get split into 3 groups to do different sports. The sports were softball, netball, and touch rugby.
We learnt alot and we were given different tips and strategies on how to play these sports well or better. We did lots of drills and a few games each time. I was in touch rugby and we learned how to throw and catch the ball properly, the basic rules of the game and some new drills. For softball we learnt different ways to throw properly such as the side throw, overarm, and under arm throws and catches. We also learnt the different techniques on how to hit the ball. The softball team also played some games and did some drills like every other team. Some of the drills that we practised were running up to someone and throwing the ball to them, then running back and then the next person goes and does the same thing.
Every group had approximately 2 or 3 teachers to teach them these various sports. Overall NZIS was a great opportunity and was a super fun and exciting experience. I hope that we can do this again some point next year.

Team 4 has an extra learning program that we call technology. In it we learn woodwork, cooking, sewing, clock making, felting and art. We all really enjoy these activities and learn a great deal. In our last term the Year 7’s make presents for the year 8’s who are leaving Northland School this year.

Athletics DayAthletics Day
On Thursday 19th October the whole school went to Ben Burn Park for our school athletics day. Teams 2, 3 and 4 competed in sprints, high jump, long jump, vortex and quoits. Year 4s and above could get into Western Zones if they were 1st, 2nd or 3rd for an event. The events that Team 1 did were sack racing, hurdles and bean bag throwing.
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