Team 4 - Term 4 2018

Leavers Dinner PreparationsLeavers Dinner Preparations
We’re nearing the end of the year and the special Year 8 Leavers Dinner, where we send off the Year 8s with a nice dinner, some speeches, and a performance from each of them. The Year 7 students are making some gifts for the Year 8s in tech, while the Year 8s do a half and half rotation of T1 (woodwork) and T2 (cooking). Back at school, the Year 7s are busy writing letters, learning songs and organizing gifts and the Year 8s are making speeches, writing their memories and preparing skits and songs for the leavers dinner on Friday 14th December. I’m sure the Year 8s and the Year 7 waiters will have a blast!

Year 8 PerformancesYear 8 Performances
The end of the year is coming up which means saying farewell to the Year 8s. Every year we have a leavers dinner for the parting students. Before they go they do a speech, and a performance in a group, as the last assignment before the end of the year. The performances can be skits, musicals, magic tricks, solo singing, and dance. These need to entertain the audience.

Ice Cream DayIce Cream Day
On Thursday 22 November, Northland School had an ice cream day, organized by the student council. Ice creams were $2.50 each, and the flavours were: salted caramel, goody goody gumdrops and cookies & cream. The ice creams were also served with wafers and sprinkles. They did an awesome job of serving the ice-creams and creating this wonderful event. The ice-creams were very yummy!

Muesli ChallengeMuesli Challenge
The past couple of weeks Rooms 12 and 14 have been doing a muesli challenge. Everyone was put in groups of about 4 and the challenge was to make your own muesli, advertisement, and a box. Everyone had to also figure out how much of each ingredient they would need and the nutritional information. This challenge is still on going but is one of the fun things at school.

WZ AthleticsWZ Athletics
A few weeks back we had school athletics and the Year 3-8 students that came 1st, 2nd or 3rd in either vortex, quoits, discus, high jump, long jump, short sprint, long sprints, 1500m or 800m and made the WZ standard then went on and competed in the Western Zone athletics held at Newtown Park. Northland School did very well at WZ and has a huge number of students going onto Interzones. We also had a number of students who were super close to making it into Interzones. Congratulations to all those students who tried hard to get in!


New Choir TeacherNew Choir Teacher
Recently the previous choir teacher called Alicia left the school to go to university in Britain. She had been teaching us for 2 years and we did many assignments with her but she wanted to study music. So we had to get a new choir teacher. Her name is Sinead and she is working with us to sing the song Mamma Mia. She is very good and helps us a lot. Above all, she’s a very good teacher. Thank you, Sinead!

Every year 3 schools (Wadestown, Northland, and Brooklyn) participate in a Tri-Tournament. Each student chooses a sport (rugby, football, chess, petanque, hockey, tennis, netball, table tennis or dodgeball). For each sport, the winning team would have one point for their school.  The winning school is the one that had won the most sports. This year Northland School hosted the Tri-Tournament but Brooklyn won by one point. Everyone had a great time playing sport for the whole day, with a massive shared lunch.

First Day of TechFirst Day of Tech
Today we had the first day of technology, but this term it is all working a little bit differently. The year 7s are split up from the year 8s in most classes. Since the year 8s are leaving the year 7’s are mostly doing gift making for them. However, in T5 we are making felt dolls for the babies born prematurely at Wellington Hospital to put in their Christmas stocking so they can have a happy Christmas too! Instead of art tech, the people that stay back at school (Year 8s) are doing a mixture of things such as sports, working with computers and music.

On 1st November, the Kapa Haka performed a small powhiri (whakatau) to welcome the new students to Northland School. To start the whakatau off, a group of girls led the new children and teachers in with a Kai Karanga then the Kapa Haka group performed. Mr Edwards made a speech and the school council sang Purea Nei.

Still Life ArtStill Life Art
In Team 4 recently for art we have been doing still life. We were given 3 objects 1 big, 1 medium and 1 small and have been sketching the proportions of each object. For example you might have a jar, a cup and a drink bottle. We also need to think about the shading of the objects.


Athletics DayAthletics Day
On the second week of Term 4, Teams 2, 3 and 4 all participated in Athletics Day.  The sports consisted of high jump, long jump, sprints, vortex, 1,500m run and quoits. Every year had a different standard to get into Western Zones. Everyone had a great time spending the whole day doing athletics, and as you could imagine everyone was very tired at the end of the day.

Team 4 is currently in the process of writing speeches to share in front of the class. These speeches can be either persuasive (persuading people to do/give you something) or informative (giving people information about something). We were given a planning sheet to write out an introduction, three main points and information about those points and a conclusion. Then we are going to type our speech onto cue cards, but we are not allowed to write the whole speech on the cards, we can only have our main points which means you have to know your topic well!
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