Useful Information


If a student is to be absent, please phone the school office before 9am to let us know or use our online Absence Form on this page. Messages about absences may also be left on the answerphone, which is in use until office staff arrive each morning. The office will call to check on any unexplained absences by 9.30am, after the class registers have been marked.

If your child is to be away for a prolonged length of time, please inform us in writing at least a fortnight in advance.

After School Care

After School Care is provided by two organisations.  Both groups meet the children at the school at 3pm and escort them to their off-site premises. For further information please contact the organisers.

Kelly Club offers afterschool care for the school community at the Northland Memorial Hall. Kelly Club is an OSCAR approved service provider with significant experience in delivering these programmes for many schools.  They offer full sessions (3.00 - 6.00pm) and also a half session option (3.00 - 4.30pm) and are happy to accept both permanent and casual bookings. You can find out more information and make your bookings at (Wellington area) or email or phone 04 972 7201/022 010 9973.

Northland Kidz Club offers a family-style after-school care from 3 to 6pm, charging $16 for regulars and $20 for casuals, at St. Anne's Hall by the Northland Shops.  Holiday programmes are also available each holiday period.  Northland Kidz Club is OSCAR (out-of-school care and recreation) approved and Child, Youth and Family accredited, with long-term experienced staff.  If you have any queries or would like to arrange a visit, please contact  Lisa West  (021-384-171) or Jan Atkinson (022-140-2612), or e-mail


The school operates a student banking service on Friday through ASB.  Please contact the school office for further information.

Before School Care

A supervised before school care service is available in the library from 7.30am, on either a regular or a casual basis. Further information is available from the school office or from the before school supervisor during care sessions.

Board of Trustees

Northland School’s Board of Trustees is elected every three years. The board’s role is to develop policies, set the strategic direction for the school and ensure it is being efficiently managed by the principal and staff.

The board meets once a month, in the school staffroom. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend.

Meeting dates are advertised in the school newsletter, which also contains the Board of Trustees News - a brief report on issues discussed at each month’s meeting. Copies of the minutes of each meeting can be obtained from any board member.

All school policies are available from the school office and or view Policies on this website.

Board members welcome questions or comments from the school community, and can be contacted at home. Their personal contact details are available from the school office or you can contact them by email as listed in the Our People tab..

Book Club

The school provides the opportunity for students to order books from Scholastic Book Clubs. Order sheets are distributed eight times a year, twice a term, and the school newsletter will remind families when orders are due back. Please make cheques for book club orders payable to Northland School.


Students in Years Seven and Eight attend a week-long camp in Term One each year.

Changes of Address

Please notify the school office immediately of any change of home address, parents’ workplaces or phone numbers.


All students are expected to wear clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for the day’s school activities. In Terms One and Four all students are required to wear an appropriate sunhat.

Please name all students’ clothing to enable it to be returned if lost. Lost property is kept in baskets in each block: ask your child’s teacher where the nearest basket is located. We will also display lost property prominently on the last day of each term.


Northland School believes good, open communication is vital for students, parents and staff to work closely together. The school uses the following methods to keep in touch with the parent community:

  • Parent contact: Parents and caregivers are welcome at Northland School, and are encouraged to keep in touch with their child’s teacher. If a longer discussion with a teacher is required, please arrange an appointment through the school office. In an emergency, please contact the office or the principal.
  • Reporting to parents: Two formal parent/teacher conferences are held each year to discuss each child’s progress. Two written reports are also issued to parents: a mid-year report on student progress towards meeting National Standards; and an annual summary report.  Both reports are posted. Students from Years 4 - 8 are involved in mid-year student-led conferences that showcase their learning and to review goals set earlier in the year and to develop personal next learning steps for the second half of the year.
  • School newsletter: Every Wednesday, a school newsletter is sent home by email or with each family’s nominated “postie”. The newsletters contain news from around the school and reminders of upcoming events. The newsletter is also available on the school website.
  • Team newsletters: The school is divided into four teaching teams, starting with Team One for Years One and Two students and moving up through the school. Students bring home a newsletter from the teachers in their Team at the start of each term.
  • Board of Trustees News: A brief summary report from the latest Board of Trustees’ meeting is included with the weekly school newsletter.

Dental Treatment

Dental treatment is provided by Bee Healthy.  All check ups and dental work are conducted at Selby House, 175 Adelaide Road, Newtown.  Parents are required to make their own arrangements for getting the children to and from this dental service.  For further information ring 0800 TALK TEETH (0800 825 583)

Donations and EOTC Contribution

Donations: In response to feedback from parents, we use parent donations to fund extra teaching hours. This enables us to reduce class sizes, run a Reading Recovery programme for selected children, and provide other teaching resources. The donation can be paid in one single payment, by one instalment per term, or fortnightly by direct debit. It is tax deductable.

We appreciate that some families are unable to pay the full donation, but we hope all families will give what they can. Your support makes a considerable difference to the opportunities we can provide for your children.

Contribution to EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom): An annual contribution is sought to cover transport costs for class trips, the school picnic and swimming lessons. These contributions may be paid in one single payment or by instalments.

Headlice (nits)

Headlice, or nits, can affect anyone and can be very difficult to eradicate. To prevent headlice, the Public Health Nurse advises parents to check children’s heads once a week and brush hair every evening, from under the hair. Seek treatment for headlice only if you find live insects, or eggs within 1cm of the scalp. The nurse suggests asking your chemist for advice, and using a specialist shampoo from the chemists on two occasions – a first treatment, and then again a week later.

Hearing and Vision

The Public Health Nurse visits the school to test Year One students’ hearing and vision, and to re-test any student whose previous tests have given concern. We try to give advance notice of these visits in the school newsletters. If you would like your child tested, please contact the school.

Home and School Committee

The Home and School Committee has two roles: to raise funds for the school, and to arrange social events for students and for the school community. The fundraising makes an important contribution to the school’s finances, and the social events are eagerly anticipated by students. Regular social events organised by the committee include school discos, a major community fundraising and social event and an end-of-year carols evening.
See the Home & School Committee webpage for more information.


Homework consolidates and enhances children’s education. It involves parents in their child’s learning, and encourages children to develop good study routines.

However, we understand that families are increasingly busy, and that many of our students are involved in after-school activities, and we do not want homework to intrude on family life.

Northland School aims to ensure homework is relevant and appropriate for each child. Homework may include reading, learning spelling words or maths facts, or researching study topics.

Children – particularly older children – may need help to meet deadlines by working steadily in advance rather than leaving work till the last minute.

Illness and Accidents

If a student is ill or has an accident, a member of the staff will give first aid. Parents and, in some cases, a doctor or ambulance will be contacted if necessary.  All head injuries will be reported to parents.

Please do not send sick children to school. Children are put through unnecessary distress if they are sent to school when sick, and they almost always end up being sent home.


Students visit the library at least once a week to exchange books and for a library skills programme. The library is also open at lunchtimes.

Please ensure books that have been brought home are looked after and returned, and let us know if a book has been lost or damaged.


Students are able to buy lunch at school twice a week. Brochures giving information about the privately-run lunch services are sent home with students.  Order forms are available from the school office.


If your child needs medication during the school day, please arrange for the office staff to take responsibility for administering the medication. The school is happy to hold medication (such as asthma inhalers) for children to use when necessary. You will be asked to sign a medication agreement if you would like us to administer medication to your child.


In addition to the class music programme, the school provides other opportunities for students to learn to sing in a choir. Paid tuition is also available after school for guitar, voice, keyboard, piano or drum lessons.

Parent Help

  • Parent help in classrooms: In junior classes, parents are invited to help with QTT (Quality Time Together) on Thursday afternoons. Newsletters from each Team will let parents know about other requests for help with school programmes during the year.
  • Parent help on class trips: Parents are sometimes asked to help supervise children on school trips. On some occasions, we also ask for parent assistance with transport. All students must wear a seatbelt, cars must have a current registration and warrant of fitness, and children aged under 10 must not be in seats fitted with an airbag.
  • Parent support groups: Many parents and caregivers support the school by joining the Home and School Committee, taking part in working bees, gardening, helping with after-school activities, organising morning teas to welcome new families, or doing other voluntary work. The school office also has information about voluntary activities.


Students may play anywhere in the school grounds, except the decks outside Rooms 1 - 3 and the main adventure playground.

Older children are permitted to go, under supervision, to Northland Park at lunchtimes if the weather and ground conditions are appropriate.

Families are welcome to use the school grounds on weekends and evenings, but please no dogs.

Road Safety

Senior students patrol the pedestrian crossing on Northland Road and ensure students can safely cross at the top of Woburn Road and Kaihuia Street. They are on duty each day from 8.30am to 8.55am, and from 3pm to 3.15pm.

To avoid endangering children by restricting visibility for road patrols and pedestrians, please do not park on the yellow lines near the Harbour View Road gateway nor on the yellow lines next to the pedestrian crossing on Northland Road.

We also request that cars do not turn into or park in the parking area at the Northland Road entrance between 2.50pm and 3.15pm.

Students should cross Harbour View Road from opposite the school’s small lower gate.

School Hours

School begins at 8.55am, but we would prefer students to be at school by 8.45am to have time to see their friends and organise their school gear before the bell rings.

Children may enter the school grounds at any time before school but we would prefer that they did not arrive at school before 8.30am. The school operates a paid Before School Care programme from 7.30am for those parents who need to start work early and would like their children supervised.

Children should leave the school grounds promptly at 3pm, but are welcome to return to play in the school grounds with parents’ permission. Staff are usually at school until at least 5.00pm, but are working in their classrooms or attending meetings and cannot supervise children in the play areas.

School Picnic

A school picnic is held at a suitable site at the beginning of each year.


Northland School buildings and grounds are smoke-free at all times.


At the end of the school year, students are issued with a list of required stationery for the following year.  This can be purchased online through the school's preferred supplier or from a retail outlet. Replacement stationery can be purchased during the year from the school office.

Sunscreen and Sunhats

All students are expected to wear sunscreen and a suitable sunhat when outside in Terms One and Four.

Year Designations

Northland School is a full primary school with classes from Years One to Eight.

Children who turn five before 1 July will usually be in Year One for that year, but children who start school after 1 July complete the year as a Year 0 and are designated as being in Year One at the start of the following year.

Year Eight Leavers’ Dinner

A formal dinner for students, parents, and present and past staff is held at the end of the school year to farewell Year Eight students. Parents of Year Seven students organise the catering and presentation of the dinner, with help from their children.


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