Team 1 - Term 1 2017

Team 1 AssemblyTeam 1 Assembly
Room 4 performed the Taniwha of Wellington Harbour at Team One’s assembly. Miss Trail and Libby thought we were just wonderful!

Fruit Football TournamentFruit Football Tournament
Here are Room 4 about to enter the ‘Fruit Football Tournament.’ We became the Strawberries, Oranges, Avocados and Bananas! We had an awesome time!

Quality Time Together (QTT) is a favourite time of the week for students in Team 1. When the picnic day was cancelled we had a QTT afternoon. Baking, playdough and block construction were three of the activities the students could choose from.

Room 1 have been observing the changes in the caterpillars who are eating the milkweed (swan) plants.

Room 5 have been learning how to draw and paint self-portraits. We also used collage paper for our hair and dye for the background. Pop into Room 5 for a better look.


Room 4 enjoyed carrying out statistical investigations, by collecting information about each other on tally charts.

Room 2 has been having a lot of fun doing PMP on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. They enjoy doing all the different activities.
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