Team 2 - Term 1 2017

Paua ArtPaua Art
When you do the paua art you choose a Maori design like a turtle, kiwi, shark, stingray, fish hook, penguin, eel, or of course a koru. We first needed to draw our design, then we got to do the fun part: the dying. There were three colours - first turquoise, then light blue and finally dark blue all around each colour. After that we used black chalk pastel to make it stand out. Once we had finished, lovely Nathalie cut out our art and then glued it onto a black piece of paper and hung it up.

Kiwiana LandscapesKiwiana Landscapes
First we practised the tree, kiwiana icons and the hills. Second we had to draw the horizon. Third we drew the other parts of our picture.  We used pastel to colour them in.

Buddy ReadingBuddy Reading
In buddy reading in Room 6 you first have to get tested on your spelling. Once you have finished, you show the teacher. Then you get read a story by your buddy. After that you get to do fun stuff like draw a picture, do a treasure hunt, and other really fun things. Everyone loves buddy reading! Here is a photo of one of our big buddies.

Team SportTeam Sport
Team 2 have been doing team sport. This week we did some cooperative games.  Here are some photos of us doing some games.

Silhouette ArtSilhouette Art
Room 8 have been doing some silhouette art. First we drew our favorite things and then did a background. Then we traced around our faces and cut them out.

Hundertwasser ArtHundertwasser Art
Room 7 have done some building art. First we drew sketches of the buildings, then we drew the actual buildings.  After that we coloured them in with pastel and at the end we dyed them.

Kina ArtKina Art
Room 7 have been doing some kina art.  First we drew the kina and then we drew the seaweed.  Second we coloured in with chalk pastels.

Kiwiana Pop ArtKiwiana Pop Art
We have been making pop art in Room 6 and we had to choose a kiwiana design, like kiwi, hokey pokey ice cream, pohutukawa, tuatara, kiwi fruit, sheep or tiki.  We  showed the teacher our drawing then we did a good copy, and then she photocopied our good one.  It came out in four sections. One was supposed to be the real colours, and the other three could be completely random as long as they were bright.

Team 2 have been doing fitness on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We do a circuit and there are activities like push ups, jumping and running.  If it's rainy we do Jump Jam in the Viggers.

"Best of Me" Writing
Room 8 have been doing something called their "best of me" writing. First they wrote what they think their favourite body part is and why.  After that they took a photo of their body part and put it next to their writing.

Girls Futsal TournamentGirls Futsal Tournament
The group of Yr 3-6 girls got on the bus and after the long journey we finally got to the ASB centre.  We walked all the way in then started playing our futsal matches.  After all the games we got to see famous soccer players and we got signatures. But then sadly we had to go.  It was amazing. 

Class KorowaiClass Korowai
Room 6 have been making our class Korowai. First we wrote what we wanted the class to be like then we got some paper feathers. After that we wrote the words on the feathers and we coloured them in. Now the feathers make a korowai (cloak) on our wall.

Room 7 have been doing some maths tests to find out our number knowledge. We have also been doing some graphs for the last three weeks. Some of these graphs have been: line graphs, bar graphs and pictographs.

In Room 6 we have been making lots of placemats with lots of care. We have all been working very hard on our placemats. We have used stickers, printed photos and colour paper. It also has your name on it.

Room 8 have been doing their self-portraits. They started off by doing the outlines of their faces. Then some of the class decided to do their necks. Some of Room 8 did glasses.
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