Team 3 - Term 1 2017

Football TrialsFootball Trials
A few people have had to trial to get into the Western Zone Football team.  They had to trial because they had already been to the cricket. They trialed on a Wednesday over at the park and they had to dribble in between lots of cones.

ICT ChallengeICT Challenge
The ICT challenge is a challenge where you are given a paragraph of a scenario when someone is bullying or cyberbullying and you have to act it out with a target, a cyberbully, a bystander and an upstander. A cyberbully is a digital version of a bully. A target is a person who is getting bullied. An upstander is a person who stands up to the bully and says STOP! A bystander is someone who watches everything and does nothing. We performed the skits on Monday.

Te Reo MāoriTe Reo Māori
This year Room 10 has been doing some te reo on Fridays. We are creating small posters. We have only had two sessions though, so we haven't got very far yet. Usually Room 10 misses it because we don’t have enough time, so we only do it about every third Friday.

For writing we have been doing autobiographies. After we had written out and published it, we made a crossword to go with it about ourselves.

Maths Knowledge GoalsMaths Knowledge Goals
For maths we have been doing number knowledge goals which is where we have lots of different lessons and once you have completed the lesson there is an evidence task. After we have finished the lesson and evidence we move on to the next lesson.

3 News3 News
In Team 3 on Fridays we do 3 News. You have two hosts, two computer people and one person on lights. We do 2 songs, a karakia and teacher notices.  We also do certificates for people who achieve the qualities.

Digital CitizenshipDigital Citizenship
In Team 3 the students are doing ICT with digital passports as their topic. We have been learning about cyberbullying and stuff like that. We are learning about the internet and staying safe online. Team 3 is really enjoying their new topic. We are doing multiple worksheets and if you ask us a question about the internet we can answer it! We also do touch typing. 

Show Not Tell WritingShow Not Tell Writing
In Room 11 we have been working on our show not tell writing. For that we have been describing the place and person and what they feel, smell and hear. We started by taking the sentence “we went to the beach” and turning it into a descriptive paragraph like in the photo.

Get NZ WritingGet NZ Writing
In Room 9 we have been doing some writing called "Get New Zealand Writing". Get NZ Writing is when you are sent a package with lots of cool and exciting challenges with postcards and a poster about your class. If you turn the postcards onto the back side it spells a message take to people who help you see the world differently.


Cinnamon OrnamentsCinnamon Ornaments
Room 10 has been creating Cinnamon Ornaments. They are finished now and the ingredients were ½  cup of salt, ¾ of a cup of very warm water, ½  of a cup of cinnamon and 1 cup of flour. The method is to combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Wash your hands and then finish kneading the dough with clean, dry hands. If the dough is a little sticky, dust your hands in a bit of flour and knead. After a few minutes you will be left with amazing ornament dough! Roll the dough out on baking paper and cut out your shape. After they are dry, paint them and maybe added glitter.

Sports InvestigationsSports Investigations
In late February Room 11 did sports investigations. We started off by getting into groups of three or four and chose an active activity to do. Then each person in the group did the activity. After that we made it into a graph and we looked through the graphs.  Then we wrote all the information into a Google slide.

Buddy ReadingBuddy Reading
Buddy reading is about socialising with other people. From Year 5 and up you have a little buddy. From Year 4 and down you have a big buddy. The big buddies always do buddy reading prep and read a book to the little buddies. The little buddies in Year 1 also read a book to the big buddies.

New Teacher - JulietNew Teacher - Juliet
Northland School has gained a new teacher in Room 10!  Juliet is a noisy teacher who always makes you work better if you get into Room 10. Here is a list of good stuff: 
- We get to sit on chairs or on the mat at mat time.
- We are allowed to sit on the mat when working hard if it’s easier.
- We are allowed to get a snack if we’re hungry as long as it’s not right after lunch.
- We can talk as long as Juliet’s not talking.

Art in Team 3Art in Team 3
On February 2nd we started a piece of art. We started off by getting into 2 groups. The 1st group did the background first. There were 3 options for the background: bubbles, strokes, and patterns. The 2nd group started by typing up the words and taking their photo. Then the groups switched. Once they had finished both, they put it all together.

Scrabble BoardScrabble Board
In Room 9 at the start of the year we did a big scrabble board with all our names. We included Jane, Sharyn and even Jo (she comes into our class every Thursday). We took photos with friend groups and two class photos: one calm and one silly. We outlined our board with spare letters.
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