Team 3 - Term 3 2017

Special VisitorSpecial Visitor
For topic Team 3 is learning about South America. As you know, Ecuador is a country in South America. Our special visitor was Jane Fairless who showed us a bunch of things she did in Ecuador. Jane showed us a presentation on Friday 4th August. There were pictures of the Galapagos islands, the animals, the food, the river and the place she stayed. Room 11 made presentations about the countries in South America and the group who did Ecuador had shown their presentation to the class so we knew some stuff already about Ecuador before Jane shared her presentation with us.

Negative & Positive ArtNegative & Positive Art
Negative and positive art is when you cut out a shape so you have the shape and you have the outside of the shape. We stuck the different shapes onto a base piece of paper. Then we did a different piece of negative and positive art. What we are doing now is making just one big piece of negative and positive art.

In Room 10 we have been learning about different countries in South America. What we did was we had a flag and we needed to research it. So we would need to get the population for the country and the currency (what kind of money they use) and different facts about it. For an example, Argentina's traditional sport is pato.


60 Second Speeches60 Second Speeches
In Room 9 for writing with Mrs Geoghegan we are learning to do sixty second speeches without saying "um" or speaking too slowly or quickly. To decide what are going to talk about we had to write down something, put it into a box, then whoever Mrs Geoghegan would choose would put their hand in the box and whatever they picked up that's what they would be talking about. They get 5 mins for prep. Then they would speak about it. We tried to put a lot of humour into it and laugh with everyone so they're not laughing at the person who is speaking.

Imaginary Creatures WritingImaginary Creatures Writing
In Room 9 for writing we have been writing about our imaginary creatures we created from paper mâché. First we did a very detailed plan including the introduction, appearance, habitat, life cycle, predators and prey, diet and a conclusion. Next we wrote the information report on our creatures and made sure it sounded realistic.  Finally we got to the point of publishing and beautification.


Harry Potter Character AnalysisHarry Potter Character Analysis
In Room 11 our class novel is Harry Potter (The Philosopher's Stone). We have been listening to an audiobook and then on the Chromebook we write in our character analysis to see what we know about the character and what the character is like. We have listed down as much as we can so that when you read it you feel like you know the character (eg. Dumbledore is humble, he... ). So far we have listened to chapters 1 to 5. Some of the characters were Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore and Dudley Dursley.

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