Team 3 - Term 3 2019

Sexuality Road ProgrammeSexuality Road Programme
This term Team 3 is doing the sexuality road program. Year 5 has been making a hand that has UNIQUE on the palm of the hand and we wrote things on the fingers that we felt was us in a way e.g. pretty, sporty, kind, caring and creative. Year 6 has been playing Chinese whispers. Juliet gives us a sentence about sexuality. It has to stay the same all the way through the line. The boys fail all the time but the girls and one boy almost always gets it correct.

Wellington College PerformanceWellington College Performance
Recently we went to Wellington College to see a performance held at their new hall called the Allan Gibbs Centre. Wellington Girls were also there - they danced and they did kapa haka. There were so many different schools there. It was amazing there were some bands where we recognized some of the songs. We were sitting at the back on a little stage so some of us could see better than others.

In Room 10 we are focusing on statistics for maths. We just learnt about the median, mode and the mean. The median is when there is a row of numbers in numerical order, say there is an odd amount then it is the middle number, but if there's an even amount then you get the two middle numbers add them together for example look at these numbers 2,3,5,6,8,9,12,15,17,18 so you add eight and nine together which is 17 then divide by 2 so your answer is 8.5. For the mode say you have a line of again numbers in numerical order like this one 1,3,4,4,7,8,9,9,9,12,13,13 you find the number that appears the most which in this case is 9 so you have your answer! Finally the mean is the same as all three, a row of numerically ordered numbers like this 1,4,5,6,8,14,15,19,20,23 you would add all the numbers together then divide your total by how many numbers you have. So all the numbers added together equals 115 then since there are 10 numbers you divide by 10 which equals 11.5.

NS Swimming SportsNS Swimming Sports
On Tuesday 6th August our school did swimming sports. This was the first time we were allowed to enter as many races as we wanted.There was a novelty race in the shallow pool for people who are less confident. You can’t qualify for Western Zones in novelty races but these are the races you would enter if you wanted to try and get into Western Zones: two lengths (50m) freestyle, one length (25m) freestyle, one length butterfly, one length backstroke, one length breaststroke. The reason we could enter in as many races as we wanted was because there was no final and that's because the races were timed. The categories are split into gender and year group for example year 5 boys, year 5 girls, year 6 boys, year 6 girls, and generally in each category there are two heats: the two fastest times between both heats go to Western Zones.
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