Team 4 - Term 3 2016

48 students from Team 4 participated in Dancesplash where many schools made up a dance/dances toward their topic. The Team 4 students chose to do a dance on technology and phones. We split into 3 groups and each group had a dance to learn.The dances were Freaks, Hashtag and a Pokemon Go dance. The final dance was a Selfie where everyone did the same choreography.

NIWA Science FairNIWA Science Fair
On 14th September 20 students from Team 4 went to the NIWA science fair. NIWA is a competition where schools enter their best science fair boards. At NIWA there are many different judges judging particular things, so many prizes are up for grabs. Seven students won prizes, including the top prize for Year 7 and the top prize for Year 8. We can’t wait for next year!


An Awfully Big AdventureAn Awfully Big Adventure
This week Team 4 went to Capital E and watched a play about World War One called "An Awfully Big Adventure". It was funny, sad and frightening, at the end everyone jumped when there was a big bang. The play had 4 actors who acted everyone. It was really brilliant and such a wonderful performance. Anyone who can should see it as well. We really enjoyed it!


Pyjama DayPyjama Day
On Wednesday 30th August the Northland School student council held a Pyjama Day.  It was a fundraiser for Starship Hospital which is in Auckland.  Pyjama Day is a day where you can come to school in your pyjamas or onesies.  The student council organized hot chocolates. If you brought $2.50 to school the week before then you could get a glass full of hot chocolate with chocolate fish and marshmallows.


Journey InquiriesJourney Inquiries
This term Team 4 have been doing a project about journeys. They don’t have to be journeys from place to place, they can be the life journey of a person or the adaptation of a plant or animal. Most people are now writing reports about their topic and soon we will be doing presentations.


Mathswell is a maths competition that lots of schools participate in.The Year 7-8 team for Northland School did very well and came fourth, beating 28 other schools. The Year 5-6  team came sixth which was also amazing. Mathswell is a great competition.

WZ SwimmingWZ Swimming
On 22nd of August about 50 of Northland School's swimmers went to the Western Zone Swimming Sports at Kilbirnie Pool.

The Western Zone Swimming Sports is a competition where Years 4 - 8 swim in the categories they came first or second at their own school swimming competition. The categories were: 50m freestyle, 25m freestyle, 25m backstroke, 25m breaststroke, 25m butterfly and the freestyle relay.  

Around 10 of the 50 students from Northland School will be going on to the Inter Zone swimming competition.  Inter Zones is like Western Zones but the top 2 people from each event in the Northern Zones will compete against us.  It will be held again at Kilbirnie Pool.


Technology - WoodworkTechnology - Woodwork
Team 4 have recently been doing technology. One of the activities out of 5 different activities is woodwork. In this we needed to first make some shapes then we had to make a tiny box which we could keep something in. After we made these we started making our project by making plans, cutting out newspaper templates, cutting out wood with a scroll saw, and finally nailing or screwing together!

Science FairScience Fair
Team 4 have been working on their science fair for a long time and we’ve got some superb results. Everyone has worked really hard. A few days ago the judges came and I’m sure they had a really hard time picking winners, everyone's boards looked fantastic! Good luck to everyone who got into NIWA, and congratulations to the Year 7s and 8s who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Calendar ArtCalendar Art
For calendar art this year, Team 4 are doing cityscape silhouette art.
We used watercolour paint for the background and for the buildings we drew them with sharpie. Some people have done buildings from one particular country or city and others have done buildings from many different cities or countries. Other people have done made up buildings. Some children have done reflections off water and others have done dribbles or just left the buildings by themselves.
Overall it didn’t matter if both you and the person sitting next to you were doing Wellington because the result will be different.
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